Bachelor of Theology

Four-Year Program (120 Credits)

The Bachelor of Theology is a highly flexible course of study that fosters a deep understanding of Scripture and theology in the context of contemporary culture. If you are seeking to impact today’s diverse world for Christ, Prairie’s Bachelor of Theology will provide you with a solid biblical foundation. In our increasingly pluralistic world, the Church needs Christians who can think well and in a distinctively Christian way. The Bachelor of Theology is ideal for students who want a deep immersion in biblical teaching and Christian thought.

Courses revolve around:

  • Studying, interpreting, and applying the whole canon of scripture
  • Exploring historical theology
  • Thinking theologically about contemporary issues
  • Becoming an effective communicator

Completion of Prairie’s Bachelor of Theology degree will prepare you for graduate studies in academic fields related to biblical studies and theology or professional programs relevant to congregational and/or cross-cultural ministry. It will also be your launching pad for ongoing ministry and leadership in your community of faith and in the broader culture.

Prairie has partnered with the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) at Trinity Western University (TWU) and Wycliffe Bible Translators to develop a transfer agreement for individuals considering a career in Bible translation work.

  1. Competently interpret both testaments of Scripture in their literary, historical, and theological contexts.
  2. Demonstrate the Bible’s relevance for contemporary faith and practice.
  3. Exercise theological discernment grounded in Scripture and conversant with the history of Christian thought.
  4. Respond intelligently and graciously to challenges and objections to Christian faith.
  5. Develop research and writing skills appropriate to the fields of biblical and theological studies.
  6. Practice theology in a way that humbly serves the church and her mission.

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Bible & Theology Major (63 credits)

BT 409 Word and World
BT 402 Bible/Theology Practicum*
BT 403 Bible/Theology Directed Study*
BT 406 Bible/Theology Research Paper*
NT 112 Reading the Gospels and Acts
NT 221 Reading Paul’s Letters
NT 351 Reading Hebrews to Revelation
OT 112 Reading the Torah
OT 221 Reading the Historical Books
OT 343 Reading the Psalms and Wisdom Literature
OT 453 Reading the Prophets
ST 100 The Christian Life
TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology
TH 210 The God of the Gospel
TH 313 Creation to New Creation
Bible and Theology Electives 300 level or above (18 credits)

Arts & Sciences Core (36 credits)

AS 400 Integrative Seminar
HF 111 Thinking & Writing
HF 231 History of Western Civilization I
HF 232 History of Western Civilization II
SC 230 History and Philosophy of Science
SS 170 Christianity in the 21st Century World
SS 210 Introduction to Psychology
SS 261 Leadership Foundations
Arts and Sciences electives (9 credits)
Arts and Sciences elective 300 level

Ministry (CM/IS/PA/SJ/YO) Electives (6 credits)

Electives (15 credits)

*Bible and Theology electives may be substituted for these by the Program Coordinator.

For course descriptions, see our catalogue here.

Bachelor of Theology students are eligible to participate in GlobeTREK or a 2-week study tour of Israel led by one of Prairie’s Bible faculty (Israel trips planned every two years).

Students who complete this program can pursue careers in theological education, evangelism and discipleship, or Bible translation. Many will want to consider seminary or graduate school degrees at the masters level for further credentials.