The Disruptive Power of the Old Testament: Dr. Imes on Disruptors Podcast

One of Prairie College’s beloved professors, Dr. Carmen Imes, has been very busy this winter with the release of her newest book – Bearing God’s Name: Why Sinai Still Matters.

She is in the midst of an extensive podcast tour discussing the book (and more) with some of Christianity’s leading thinkers.  Read on for a full list. 

We hope you will enjoy hearing more about Carmen’s disruptive take on the Old Testament.

Disrupters Podcast with Esau McCaulley (48 minutes)

Growing up, Carmen Joy Imes had no idea she’d one day be in an academic setting, lecturing on Old Testament to rooms full of men. Raised in an environment that was skeptical of women teachers, Imes deviated from expectations when she embraced her roles in both the home and classroom.

Carmen Imes’s mastery of the Old Testament more than justifies this incidental rebellion. Her love for the subject is evident, and her familiarity with it is undeniable. While her presence may make some uncomfortable, her unapologetic passion combined with her emphasis on the Old Testament’s place in Christian theology deeply influence her students and their scholarship.



More from the Podcast Tour


The Naked Bible Podcast with Michael Heiser (74 minutes)

Discusses the nature of Old Testament law, the heart of biblical theology, and what it’s like to be a woman in the world of biblical scholarship.

Heath in Pursuit with Heath Hollensbe (48 minutes)

Talks about the Ten Commandments, the beauty of the Old Testament, the power of liminal space, how to find Jesus in the Old Testament, and more.

The Shaun Tabatt Show (29 minutes)

The relevance of the OT and what we miss if we “unhitch” from it, the uniqueness of God’s personal name, the power of liminal space, the literary structure of Exodus, the Ten Commandments, Carmen’s favorite Hebrew word, the meaning of Exodus 20:7, and how it relates to the Lord’s Prayer. Also featuring the story of some miracle french bread.

Food Trucks in Babylon (Western Seminary) with Patrick Schreiner and Todd Miles (51 minutes)

Carmen’s approach to eating out, and her best attempt to bridge to the disciplines of theology and New Testament studies. Discussing what’s at stake when we “unhitch” from the Old Testament.

Bible Project with Tim Mackie and Jon Collins (56 minutes)

Carmen talks about the Name Command (Exodus 20:7), how the Israelite high priest is a visual model of the role of Israel as a nation, how this relates to the temple being the “place of the name,” and how God’s name is profaned and sanctified. They touch on the Lord’s Prayer, John’s vision in Revelation, and the way the Carmen’s book breaks new ground in publishing. Little known fact: Jon Collins was one of Carmen’s first students!

See the complete list of media interviews on Carmen’s blog.

Christianity Today Interview

Old Testament Law Is a Gracious Invitation to Intimacy with God: Why believers shouldn’t throw it away out of embarrassment.

In case you missed it, this November, Dr. Imes did an interview with Jen Pollock Michel from Christianity Today

If you’re a CT subscriber, you can read the whole article in the November edition, or an online excerpt here. 

Carmen teaches Old Testament at Prairie College. Current areas of scholarly research include Exodus, the Sinai narratives, clothing in the Hebrew Bible, metaphor in the Bible, and clothing metaphors in the Psalms. 

You can attend one of Carmen’s classes online or on-campus. If you have questions, please email admissions@prairie.edu.

Visit Carmen’s website, and follow her on Twitter @carmenjoyimes.


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