The 5 big ideas behind Prairie’s business administration program (#3 may surprise you!)

Business with God. Business for Good.

Business is one of the most versatile, in-demand, and lucrative vocations you can choose. 

Alberta’s Career, Learning and Employment Information (ALIS) site lists 92 possible occupations for business administration grads. The average salary for a business administration degree holder is $85,508 per year and the job growth rate for business grads is 9% per year.

But business often gets a bad rap. And rightfully so. Business, especially “corporate or big business,” is seen as something to be endured, or at best, as a necessary evil. We can all agree that people driven by greed, lust, self-interest and short-sightedness have used business for evil. The pursuit of power, money and success can come at the expense of consumers, the earth, and biblical principles

Business has long been considered a second (or third) class job for Christians. In recent years, there has also been a re-romanticization of the replacing of our (somewhat) capitalist society with some form of pseudo-Marxist communism. Being a “business person” can be a dangerous term both in and outside the Church.

When Prairie launched its business program, it did so with a vision to prepare business leaders for the next generation of Kingdom work.  It was based on the belief that the tool of business is actually a provision of common grace that is given as a blessing to humanity.

Prairie’s business program is based on the idea that your faith can help you do better business by every definition

We know this to be true. Business activity and biblical principles are not mutually exclusive. 

And our faculty and program advisors provide great evidence through their varied experiences in some of the most demanding secular environments in the world like corporate America, Silicon Valley, and Toronto’s financial district.

We sat down with them recently to hear some of their stories about the intersection of business and faith.

What You'll Get From Prairie's Business Program

Business programs in Canada are plentiful. We’ve designed this program so that you’ll get all the market-ready skills you need to be a leader in any business environment, and more:

  • A six-month (domestic or international) internship with an organization of your choice (like a start-up pomegranate farm in Uzbekistan or a bakery chain in Vietnam)
  • Access, mentorship and coaching from high performance Christian business people
  • Small class sizes and valuable interactions with your profs 
  • Specialization options to take you further: digital media (marketing), outdoor leadership in the Canadian rockies, sports management, or intercultural studies
  • Job preparation through interviewing skills, resume building, personality testing

Most importantly though – over your four years at Prairie, you’ll study the whole Bible.

You’ll learn where Biblical principles differ from business principles, and what to do when that happens. You’ll develop an authentic relationship with God and that will change your life and your career. 

The 5 Big Ideas Behind Prairie's Business Program

#1 You’re more than a cog in the machine

Be prepared to develop a business mindset and skills that enable you to be involved in start-ups and smaller scale businesses where you’ll be involved with staffing, marketing, finance and everything else that is involved in making a successful business succeed.

# 2 Leaders today need to develop a comfort doing business in a global community

Technology has increased our capacity to travel, interact and do business almost anywhere on earth. This program provides an emphasis on the challenges, opportunities and dynamics of engaging in business across borders.

# 3 Business is not just about generating more resources for missions and church work

Approximately two-thirds of of the world’s population lives in countries closed to traditional missionary visas. However, 100% of the world’s countries have the potential for Canadians to acquire a business visa. Business is a powerful platform for sharing the love and hope of God with society. The context of business can provide social and relational engagement to advance the will of God on earth.

Watch this idea in action in China:

Bill Job, President and Founder of Kingdom Business in China, defines the real meaning of business. He believes that true business creates eternal value.

Credit: RightNow Media

# 4 Businesses are a powerful catalyst

Business can participate in blessing the communities they engage in through thoughtful problem solving — from the mundane (we all need shoes) to the deeply spiritual. Develop eyes to see the greatest needs and the world and gain the tools to address (at least some) of them through business.

# 5 Our lives are ordered through the heart

Good business, and life, is far more than strategy, spreadsheets and management. The entire Prairie College experience, including the Business program, is committed to developing students as followers of Christ.

A Final Thought

Business is not a second class calling to “ministry.” In fact, being a farmer, doctor, plumber, janitor, chef are all holy orders that are genuine callings for Christ Followers.

As a church let us encourage those who are inclined to business to pursue it as their ministry. We must not create a dualistic thinking of “try to do ministry” when you are not busy with your job but to see their business, or work in a business, as a Spirit led ministry in itself.-

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