Student Union Creates “Need Response Team” for Vulnerable Members of Three Hills Community

After we announced this week that classes were being transitioned online, and students were given the choice to go home or stay on campus, one of the main questions that students asked was: “What can we do to help?”

This desire to help has led to a formal effort, led by the Student Union, to put together a Needs Response Team for the Three Hills community.

If you know of somebody who needs support – whether they are a senior, in quarantine, or just needing extra help or prayer these days – please ask them to submit this request form. And spread the word!

The goal would be to provide support to those who are most vulnerable in the community. 

As uncertain as it feels for the forseeable future, we’re giving thanks to God for the opportunities He has given us to be salt and light and for the heart of our students to help.


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