Student Transition: Staying On Campus or Going Home?

Issued March 16, 2020, at 6:22 PM MST

Even during this unprecedented time, we remain committed to providing you with a quality educational experience.

Students are free to choose whether to stay on-campus for the remainder of the semester OR leave and finish the semester online from home. All classes will be delivered online. Choose based on consultation with your family, prayer, and your personal comfort level.

We hope that you will feel that you can move forward with confidence, with the support of the school behind you.

Making Your Decision

  • Please proceed to book transportation. Shuttles to the Calgary Airport will be made available with timing to be determined. Check your email for Shuttle info.
  • If your travel plans are delayed or interrupted, you can stay on campus for as long as you need. Please communicate your plans to your DSD.
  • Normal move-out procedures are in place.  You will be expected to clean your room when you leave and complete a move-out form. Speak to your DSD.
  • You may be moved into another room in the dormitory as adjustments for health and safety are being made through the transition.
  • Refer to the information below for instructions on Chapel and Impact Groups.
  • Please continue to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene. 

Food Services

Chartwells Food Services will remain open as long as there are students on campus. New health protocols for food service are in place, as directed by Chartwells Head Office, and will be continually evaluated as the situation unfolds.

Guidelines for Coming and Going from Student Housing

There is no deadline to move out of dorms. However, if you leave for an extended period of time, you will be required to self-isolate for 14 days before you come back.

If You Get Sick on Campus

If you think you may have the virus, please self-isolate and contact your DSD immediately. We will move you to the first floor (guys) or 5th floor (girls). Health Link would then conduct testing.

The New Normal: Online Classrooms & Online Community

On-campus classes are suspended; online classes will start on Wednesday, March 18.

    • Classes will be delivered, per the usual schedule, via Google Hangouts. (i.e. if your class is 8:30am Monday morning, then your online class will be 8:30am MST Monday morning too.)
    • If you have questions or concerns about your online delivery, please communicate with your Instructor.
    • Technical questions can be directed to helpdesk@prairie.edu.
Please check your Prairie.edu email often to stay up-to-date!


Chapels, Service & Impact Groups 

All on-campus chapels have been suspended for the remainder of the school year. 

Monday: Impact groups will continue to be held in-person and/or via Google Hangouts based on the discretion and coordination of the Group Impact Leader. We encourage continued connection with your IMPACT group, as we navigate this time together.

Tuesday: Community Chapel will be delivered by podcast.

Wednesday: If you are staying on-campus, please participate in service on your own with supplies made available in public spaces.

Thursday & Friday: A virtual continuation of these chapels will be determined and communicated by DSDs and Emma Emgard.


Pending official confirmation from the board of directors, it is expected that graduation and ancillary events will be postponed until Fall 2020.

It may be postponed. Please wait for instruction from your Program Coordinator.

We will do interviews online; unless you’re here, then we can meet in person.

Student Union Elections

Voting will happen online. Watch for communication from your SU representatives.

Athletic Facilities

Effective March 16, all Rick Down Athletic Centre (RDAC) are closed to campus and community members. This includes the fitness centre and climbing wall. All programming including bootcamp, campus intramurals, Saturday night basketball, and Sunday night futsal are also cancelled. 

We will evaluate this decision regularly based on recommendations from Alberta Health Services.

Finance & Refunds

For students that are returning home and moving out of student housing, you are eligible for a prorated refund for room and board for the remaining six weeks of the semester.

Tuition refunds will be processed in accordance with our tuition refund policies.

Email finance@prairie.edu with questions.

The regular policies apply. As of today, you would receive a 50% refund. If you drop now you are dropping the term.

No, there are no discounts for online classroom delivery.

The finance department has not heard any news about student loan payments of yet. It is likely that the government is still determining how this will work with the closures in place.

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