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Songwriting Program Student Features: Find Out What our Students Have to Say

Purpose-driven Education

Student: Elliott Morris
Program: Songwriting Diploma

My name is Elliott Morris and I am from Prince George, British Columbia. I am currently a second year songwriting student and am in the process of recording an EP as part of my course! I have enjoyed my time at Prairie so much. I think one of the aspects of this school I have enjoyed and valued most would be the staff. I feel genuinely cared about by my professors and it is evident how much they are invested in what they are teaching! The community here is also so wonderful, I have met so many awesome people and made so many great friendships that I hope to carry through life.
When I first arrived here, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to use my songwriting diploma for and felt like I might even be wasting my time. After the first semester though, I started slowly realizing I am passionate about church ministry and saw how God was using Prairie to point me in that direction! Even though I am not enrolled in a ministry-focused program, I hope to use all the musicianship skills I have gained here to benefit a church’s worship ministry.

     In coming to college, it has been my first time away from home and I have enjoyed getting to really take my faith into my own hands, and have been slowly finding myself enjoying my devotional time more and more. Through my Bible classes and learning more about context and the intricacies of the scriptures, I have been able to understand my bible so much better, and in turn that has helped my faith grow as I get to know God better!

     I would encourage anyone looking for a solid Christian community, whether they only want a gap year or four-year degree to at least come to a preview day for Prairie because I would love to hear about others having similar experiences to mine.

Music: A Tool for Evangelism

Student: Joshua Bellingham
Program: Songwriting Diploma

     As a kid, I had one of my school teachers, Mr. Legros, invest in me by teaching me the basics of guitar. Ever since I learned my first 3 chords I’ve been writing songs. It’s always been a dream of mine to record a professional album, and when I heard about Prairie’s program, I took it as my chance to. The songs that ended up on the album came a lot out of the learning and questioning I did at Prairie, both musically and lyrically.

     The overall message of the album is that you are not alone in your questioning and doubts. We all have things that we’re unsure about, and none of us has it all put together. The other hope is to give people a place where they can start to ask themselves the questions in the album and to use it to start conversations that put people 

out of their comfort zones. My main philosophy of music is that music becomes a tool for evangelism.

     My favourite song on the record is Sea of Lights, mostly because of the blood sweat and tears that went into it. The song actually came out of a poem that I wrote as I was on a flight descending into Calgary at night, and I was just in awe of all the lights, and my thought was that each of those lights represents a person. It filled me with a feeling of how small I was, and yet how grandiose we are as humanity. The feeling of having it recorded by amazing, professional musicians was like no feeling I’ve ever felt. I think the song is a good window into the whole process. Sometimes a song just comes to you, but other times there’s a lot of work that goes into our art, but it’s work that is so, so rewarding.

Prairie College Songwriting Diploma

     A two-year program designed to train and assist you in writing your songs. The program culminates with you recording your own songs in a professional studio.

     Challenging and life-transforming bible courses will strengthen your spiritual journey and influence your music. Musical training rounds out your experience as you take lessons, learn the language of music, and perform in various ensembles.

     Learn from visiting guest artists who are part of the music business and gain insight from their experiences, training, and expertise.

“As Bono once said, ‘Music can change the world because it can change people.’ I believe that the Music And Worship Arts program at Prairie College affords an incredible opportunity for students to learn and grow in a creative environment, rooted in community within a faith context; being able to graduate with a fully produced recording is a bonus.”

Stephen J. Rendall, Juno Award Winning Writer and Producer

Prairie College Songwriting Program

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