SPiritual development

Spiritual Growth at Prairie

The whole Prairie experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, is designed to be an intentional process of learning to love and follow Christ in all of life.

Students are members of a transformational community that requires participation in specific spiritual growth activities such as chapel, Impact groups, conferences, days of prayer, and service to prioritize relationship with God and put faith into action.


Our Community Gathers
Our purpose is to edify each other and glorify God.
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Impact Groups

Growing Together
IMPACT groups are biblical small group community that serves as a vital context for spiritually growing together.
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Hands On
Each student helps and prepares for a life of service while at Prairie.
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Congregational Life

Three Hills & Area Churches
Our students attend various congregations and participate within the Body of Christ.

Restorative Community

Corrective Discipline
We respond with both love and truth to restore and discipline.
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Days of Prayer

Seeking God Together
We schedule opportunities twice a year where we dedicate a full day to grow in practice of prayer.

There are also some optional opportunities for students such as spiritual retreats, mission trips, counseling and leadership development.

What is spiritual formation (How does Prairie define spiritual formation)?

How does spiritual formation relate to education?

What are the student outcomes of spiritual formation? (Note them in this document)