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‘You Can’t Outrun God’s Meticulous Plan’: A Nursing Student’s Journey to Prairie

     Born an only child in Taipei, Taiwan, I was raised with my grandmother and my parents. My mother, who was a nurse, was the only other Christian in the family, but thankfully no-one opposed my attending the Presbyterian church. I was twelve when my parents decided to move to North America. It was hard to leave behind all that was familiar to me, but I will always be grateful to my mother and father for having the courage to make the journey that changed the course of my life.

     We settled in Calgary, Alberta, in 2007 and in time the spiritual life I had known as a child began to grow dull and boring. It seemed like God was at work in other people, but not in me. I moved to Edmonton to study psychology and biological science at the University of Alberta, but avoided going to church and became fully engaged in a godless lifestyle. Frustrated and conflicted with the ideas of science and Christianity, I ended up on academic probation and was forced to withdraw from the school for a full year. Somehow the timing worked out because I had already decided to do my military service back in Taiwan. Those were tough and lonely months, however, as I faced my parents’ divorce, but it was also during that year that God brought me back to himself. I can see now how his footprints were all over my life. Our relationship was reignited and I have been walking with my Saviour for almost five years now.


     In my last semester at U of A it seemed I was at a crossroads with no idea what to do with my life. I was studying mental health and psychiatry because the human brain had always fascinated me, but I also considered computer science and business or education. However, one question was always in the back of my mind: how do I live out my faith, not just at home but also at work? As I studied the life of Jesus I saw how he humbled himself to serve the sick and help the poor and became motivated to do the same. My mother also showed me how rewarding and important a career in health care could be, so I decided to pursue nursing.

"I can see now how his footprints were all over my life."

Howard Wang

     A friend from university told me about Prairie but it sounded far too remote. However, no one can outrun God’s meticulous plan. It was around April during finals and I was in a panic because not one nursing school had accepted me. There was no choice but to apply to Prairie. Almost two years later I am still adjusting to small-town life but I have never looked back or regretted my decision to come here.

     It was my first experience at living in a Christian community and I will forever be grateful for the way Prairie welcomed and accepted me. I love how my friends and I can just talk about our faith and build each other up anywhere, even in the dining hall or the gym. The simple lifestyle of this quiet place has shaped my habit of daily devotions and I can pursue God and grow in a way that pleases him. His peace and joy are allowing me to experience freedom in many areas of my life.   

     I believe God brought me here to thicken the root of my Christian faith, solidify a godly lifestyle, and prepare me to touch other people in the field of health care. I know now that being a witness for Christ is not purely based on spreading the gospel verbally. Living out my faith through actions and serving others from the heart are also critical ways to share the love of God.

     One day I would like to combine my knowledge of psychology and neuroscience with my practical nursing skills. I don’t have a clear picture of the future, but if a big-city boy from Taiwan could survive in rural Alberta, I know God can use me anywhere.

"I believe God brought me here to thicken the root of my Christian faith, solidify a godly lifestyle, and prepare me to touch other people in the field of health care."

Howard Wang

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