September Is A ‘Go’: Prairie College Investing In Innovative Hyflex Classrooms

A Message For New & Returning Students & Friends

I am writing to you today with what I hope will be encouraging news. We are pleased to report that our Board of Directors has approved an investment into new and innovative ‘hyflex’ technology that will usher us into an uncertain future with hope and creativity.

Importantly, this technology makes it possible to offer multiple instructional scenarios that will allow for the same excellence in education and close-knit community that you expect from Prairie. With the addition of this technology, and the continued protocols for campus health and safety, it is our intent to continue our plans for a school year starting on September 1, 2020.  

We recognize that COVID-19 will be a part of a new “normal” for the foreseeable future, at least until a vaccine is developed and fully deployed. We believe that our already small class sizes and our rural location are an asset during this time. 

In September, it is probable that some restrictions will still be in place. These might include distancing protocols, smaller class sizes,  heightened cleanliness, and group gathering restrictions, and we are prepared to adopt any and all necessary measures to ensure our community’s safety. Some of you may choose to participate online and others may prefer to study in person – we can now seamlessly do both and go entirely online without major interruption like we experienced in March.

We will continue to keep you all updated throughout the summer as we iron-out the details. 

We understand that you are still dealing with challenges and disruptions. We want to let you know about several ways that we’re working to alleviate some of the uncertainty regarding the fall and to assist you over the next few months.

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What is a Hyflex Classroom?

Hyflex technology breaks down the boundary between the virtual classroom and the physical one. In a Hyflex classroom, all of the learning activities are offered both in-class and online, and students have the option of attending face to-face or online (or both) on any class day. Hyflex is not self-paced, even though online sessions can be either synchronous or asynchronous.

New Students: We're Making it Easier (& Free) to Apply

Our admissions counsellors are here to personally help you with your college journey, no matter where you are at We will be a phone call or email away throughout the summer.

For Grade 12 students: We understand that your senior year of High School has been interrupted and your final transcripts may be impacted by the pandemic. We will accommodate you individually to help you obtain admission to Prairie College.

For North American students (Canada & the US): We are waiving the application fee ($50) until August 15.

For International Students: We are continuing to work with international students to prepare for the start of the semester in September. In light of the pandemic we have introduced the Duolingo English Test for Fall 2020 that is taken via a computer with a camera and includes a proficiency score, video interview, and writing sample which are shared directly with us when you send your results. Certified results are available within 48 hours of the test session. 

Returning Students: Don't Wait Until September to Connect

As we reflect on the last eight weeks, we thank God for His guidance and provision. Students, together with their professors, were able to pivot to online learning in just two days. That is a remarkable achievement that required a great deal of commitment, patience and collaboration. We are so grateful.  

We eagerly anticipate your return to campus this fall. Please let us know of any summertime prayer needs and we will add your requests to our Wednesday staff prayer time.

You can also join the returning students Facebook page:

Helping You Pay for College

As serious as the health implications are with the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognize that the economic impact will play a role in the lives of our students. It is always our goal to make your Prairie College education as affordable as possible. We remain one of the most affordably priced private Christian colleges and we will hold our tuition rates steady for 2020/2021.

Whether you are a new or returning student we encourage you to apply for financial aid by the deadline of June 1. 

Our Organization: A Win-Win for Fiscal Responsibility & Our People

Our people are our most valuable asset.  As I mentioned in the video, we have been able to access some wonderful government programs that will allow us to reduce our costs over the summer, while still providing financial support to our employees. 

What this looks like: most of our staff and faculty will take one-to-two months off in a seasonal layoff, but Prairie will still provide full benefits and a top-up of pay to 80% of salary amounts, until return to work on August 1, 2020. 

Until then, we have business continuity plans in place for each department to ensure that our incoming and returning students, and stakeholders, receive a good quality of service.

The Goal: Spiritually Equipped, Market-& Life Ready

This year as we look forward to almost 100 years as a school, we are moving forward with a vision that includes career-preparedness through education. 

Our goal within five years is to have two job opportunities for every graduate of Prairie. Even before COVID-19, we were making strategic enhancements to academic programming. In these uncertain economic times, we believe this approach is all the more necessary. 

  • Accelerated, industry-driven programs that save students’ time and money
  • Vocational discipleship, mentoring and work experience to support career decision making
  • New and refreshed programs
  • Holding to affordable tuition rates well below the private school average 

It is our goal to be a spiritually-grounded, vocationally-driven school for students who are serious about letting God lead in their career choices. 

We look forward to rolling-out more exciting options for you this year. 

During this time and always, let us remember that our greatest hope, security and safety is in God.  As always, my inbox is open if you  have questions.

With love and prayers, 

Mark Maxwell and the Prairie team


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