PN Mozambique 2019

The Practical Nursing Program continues to educate students for the workforce in Canada and globally. Our partnership with Bow Valley College (Calgary, AB) allows us to incorporate nursing skills with our Biblical training that is applicable for what these nurses may encounter. They learn to be the outpouring of God’s love and care for the sick and hurting through hands-on experience in health facilities near Three Hills, across Alberta, and as far as Africa.  

Currently, we have a PN preceptorship happening in Mozambique, Africa, with another partner, SAM Ministries. “We [have] hosted, facilitated and taught the PN team for 10 years now,” shares Lynn Lagore, current preceptor and co-founder of SAM. The PN interns have been teaching health lessons at the mission’s school, doing student health assessments, visiting homes and observing the community. 

Alumni are invested in Mozambique as well, including founder Dwight Lagore, Andreas Kuret (aviation and agriculture), Caleb Teichroeb (short-term worker) and many others. Shannon Weiss (PC ’97) had the opportunity in 2010 to accompany a PN team to Mozambique which planted a desire in her heart to return; she is now full-time with this organization. She expresses the impact this practicum has on the students: “They come knowing little to nothing about “bush nursing” or nursing in a foreign context and come home having had their eyes opened to the reality of living in a third world nation.” As well, Lynn adds, “Their (and our) lives are forever changed by the opportunity to share hope and Christ’s love with those so desperately needing it!”

Another recent graduate, Kerstin Deleeuw, traveled with this year’s team as their pastor and mentor. Throughout her intercultural studies at Prairie, she traveled and interned with SAM. She shares this about her current experience: “I have loved all the times I have spent working with SAM in Mozambique. Each experience was/is different and unique. Working with the PN’s has opened my eyes to the health side of things. Health is such a great avenue to practically love people and demonstrate how Christ meets us in our messes and hurts.” 

As an educational institution we are grateful to partner with great ministries, like SAM, to assist PN students to gain the knowledge and skills to do the best God has gifted them to do in their jobs. 


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