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Photography Friday – A Look into Digital Media

     Prairie College’s Digital Media Program combines your faith with your career. Starting from the foundations of communication and storytelling, this program not only strives for excellence in practical skills but encourages students to find their own creative voice and way that they can impact the world.

Ron Nickel: Digital Media Professor

Prairie College Digital Media Professor Ron Nickel is an assignment and commercial photographer based in Three Hills.  Ron is stoked to be teaching Prairie College students photography—the craft he has taken 43 years to hone.  Freelance gigs for non-profit organizations making a difference,  have taken him to over 75 countries to date.


My name is Ron Nickel, and I head up the Digital Media Program at Prairie. I’m totally nuts about digital and visual communication, and have been for a long time.

On my 12th birthday my dad gave me a Russian-made box camera. It took roll film and it was one of those old-school models that you had to look down into a viewfinder and what you saw was a reversed image. I was a missionary kid in India at that time, and I thought then how cool it would be to have a career in something I really loved – photography. Well, since graduating from college in 1978, I’ve been able to do just that, and now I freelance half my time, and am a professor in Digital Media at Prairie the other half. I’m a humanitarian photographer for the US offices of Samaritan’s Purse, Billy Graham, Focus on the Family, and a few other Christian non-profit organizations.

I have a son and a daughter – both married – and I am still infatuated with my first wife. I’m also into golf and motorcycles. I currently ride a V-Strom 650…glad you asked!

My hope is that you will inherit the passion I have for visualizing and communicating to the world the great things God is doing, as well as showing others the needs that still exist today.

– Ron Nickel

2021 Digital Media Photography

In the last year, we have started #photographyfriday posts on our Prairie College Facebook page where we highlight a digital media students and one of their striking photographs that they have taken while in our Digital Media Program. Below, enjoy a compilation of these photographs from the last twelve months from various students!

This photo is a portrait of my friend Noah Farrah and I think the image speaks a ton. It speaks about the lives of African American people in the past, whose voices have been silenced by those around them. 

– Jordan Mitchell, Prairie Digital Media Student

My inspiration for this photo was something that brings joy, while also capturing the model’s personality; and also pushing myself to shoot something that is out of my comfort zone. 

– Angelica Higgs, Digital Media Student 

It’s so interesting how you can get so much flow, energy, and depth from a single swath of fabric. I wanted to challenge myself to use the same piece of fabric…in a different way… each photo gives off a completely different look and emotion. 

– Olivia Mushaluk, Digital Media Student

It is my goal as a photographer to tell stories through my pictures. I’m so glad that I am at Prairie where they are teaching me the art form of telling stories through photographs.

– Grace McIvor, Digital Media student

The thing that amazes me about doing this shoot is the fact that in the past I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of producing photos like this one. I’m incredibly thankful to be in this program and learning so much from my teachers and fellow classmates.”

– Grace McIvor, Digital Media Student

This is a self portrait taken on the highway leading out of Three Hills. I set up my Nikon D850 with my Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 Sport and had Adyn Dyck assist by holding an off camera flash with a beauty dish, while I got to pose with my motorcycle, Rosie. I purchased Rosie, my first bike, this August and these were the first photos of me and her, which was pretty awesome.
– Jesse Kozij, Prairie Digital Media Student

Creating an image where the exact motive is unknown is always a huge success for me, as if we always have a clear story, the audience can get bored of having no freedom for imagination. Her eyes seem inquisitive and inviting, but her body language is cold and defensive, and I love that, as just that contrast in the picture can be interpreted a million different ways. Some people see a fairytale princess, some see a cold forgotten girl, and others see the beauty of the inquisitive eyes of a young child.”

– Jesse Kozij, Digital Media student

Photographed by Ashley Johnson, Digital Media Student

Photographed by Alara Wiebe, Digital Media Student

Photographed by Rachel Leung, Digital Media Student

Photographed by Tristan Brave, Digital Media Student

Photographed by Alicia Wilce, Digital Media student

This photo is the combination of my hard work and great friends that help spark my creativity. – Ben Thompson, Digital Media Student

My favourite shots tend to be the ones I didn’t plan for. That’s the excitement of photography for me, that these amazing moments can appear out of nowhere, and if you blink for a moment, they’ll rush right by you.”

– Amilia Fehr, Digital Media Student

This photo means a lot to me because I shot it during my first volunteer shoot at an event. I was stressed about how the photos would turn out, but I was really happy with the results!

– Jordan Mitchell

Prairie College Digital Media Program

This program aspires to ignite and fan the flames of creativity in those interested in digital media. Want to learn more about our program?


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