Board of Directors BIO

Mr. Phil Orazi

Board Treasurer | Georgia

My wife Eva and I call Duluth, Georgia, home and I have been working for Chick-fil-A since 1978. From opening new restaurants and training new franchisees, I moved into the development of leadership programs across all levels of our organization. My final decade was spent coaching managers and executives through corporate restructuring fueled by the company’s rapid growth. Retirement came in 2018 and Eva and I are about to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

I was excited to accept the invitation to serve on the Board of Prairie College because of the growth I witnessed in my own daughter as a student and because of the quality and caring spirit of the faculty, staff and other Board members. Community is valued on Prairie’s campus. There is a great emphasis on creating a safe place where people can know and be known, celebrate and be celebrated, support and be supported, and experience God together.

I have seen first-hand how the school’s desire to “know Christ and to make Him known” is evident in the faculty, staff and students and is woven into the design of every program. The influence of Prairie students on Canada and the rest of the world has been significant, both today and in the past. They bring not only skill, knowledge and a willing spirit to an employer or ministry, but also the gospel of Jesus Christ because there is no greater need in the world than the message of hope and salvation.