Imbach Business Centre Retires

Campus is filled with excitement as renovations take place. A key project this year is the take-down of G.R. Imbach Business Centre.  In early July, All West Demolition Ltd. from Edmonton, AB. began the preliminary interior work of asbestos removal and by summer’s end the whole building will be down.  The Imbach Centre was erected in 1942 and originally housed the campus library, business and administrative offices, book store and print shop. The building was the executive hub of Prairie’s life and ministries and served its era well. It was named in honour of Mr. Gene Imbach who was the Institute’s deeply respected chief business administrator for many years. 

In our current facilities, the executive offices and business services are housed in the Maxwell Centre. Since this transition in 2007, the Imbach building has been a space for our Tilly Thrift Shop and storage until recently where it has become unsafe. As well, our leadership and inspections have found the facility is no longer vital to the operation of the school. 

According to President Mark Maxwell, “Remaining static in our facilities has begun to compromise our mission, even turning away potential students. We need to remove buildings that we can no longer service and ensure that those remaining adequately meet our needs from a learning and community perspective. Our present facilities do not reflect the caliber of our people, our programs, or the importance of our mission. I believe that as we bring our buildings up to the standard we expect in our classrooms, we will find students rising to the call to join us on our quest to prepare people to meet the greatest needs of the world. This is God’s mission and worthy of our best work.”


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