GCC 2019

Keynote Speaker | Bishop Joseph D’souza

Bishop D’souza oversees Good Shepard Churches in India. One of their ministries is Good Shepard Schools; 110 free schools for the low and lowest caste families. He is also the founder of Dalit Freedom Network (DFN). Find out more.

Read an article by Bishop D’souza here.

GCC Schedule

Wednesday, March 13

09:00am – Plenary #1 with Bishop D’souza – The God who sees you and knows you
07:00pm – Plenary #2 with Bishop D’souza – The God who sees the present world

Thursday, March 14

09:00am – Plenary #3 extended worship and tribute to Don Richardson, Prairie alumnus
10:15am – Plenary #4 with Prison Encounters
01:00pm – Topical Seminars
02:30pm – Topical Seminars
04:00pm – Topical Seminars
07:00pm – Plenary #5 with Bishop D’souza – The God who wants to put the present world right through you | Worship lead by the African Caribbean band

Live Streaming

The Wednesday and Thursday evening plenary sessions will no longer be lived streamed due to the content being shared. However, if you would like to listen to them after the conference, please contact Kendi Dyck at for the link to the recordings of Wednesday and Thursday evening sessions.

Topical Seminars

Mission Reps Registration


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