Restorative Community

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Our desire is to live in Christian unity. Such unity requires learning to reconcile and be reconciled, to give and receive forgiveness, and to graciously relate with appropriate biblical attitudes and responses (John 17:20-26) especially in the difficult experiences of our life together.

Each member of the Prairie community is responsible to participate in this restorative approach to life (Ephesians 4:3). We have developed the following processes to assist in working through challenging aspects of community.


Student Restoration

In occasions when a student falters or fails in his/her Christian and community responsibilities it is our desire to respond restoratively, with both love and truth, to that individual. Click here for a diagram that depicts the restorative or care-fronting process, and here for a paper that theologically informs this process.


Student Grievance

The intent of the Prairie staff/faculty is to treat students with both care and justice in all interactions. However, if you as a student feel that you have been mistreated in some way and/or if you feel a decision about your situation is not equitable then click here for the process to seek reconciliation and resolution.


Harassment & Assault

Prairie is firmly against harassment and abuse of any kind. Students and staff alike can be assured that any complaint is taken very seriously. Our current policies may be found here.


Employee Restoration

Virtually the same type of process as that outlined for students applies to staff members who fail or fall. Click here to view this employee process.


Accreditation Standards Concerns

Submit grievances or formal complaints in reference to issues that relate to accreditation standards to the Dean of the College. Subsequent appeals of Bible College related programs may be made to the Executive Director, Association of Biblical Higher Education, 5575 S. Semoran Blvd., Suite 26, Orlando, Florida 32822-1781.


Important Documents and Forms

Student Care-Fronting Process

Student Grievance Process

Employee Care-Fronting

Toward a Theology & Practice of Corrective/Restorative Discipline


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Campus Safety