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Faithfulness of Service – Mr. & Mrs. Lewis are Retiring

Faithfulness. In a country where the average job tenure is less than 10 years, the Lewises have blessed the Prairie community for 34 years. In that time, Douglas began in Administration and then as Registrar. Veronica joined the staff once their children were older, serving as Library Director for the past 20 years. But both of them would remind us that it is first God’s faithfulness that has allowed them the privilege, endurance, and grace to serve over 6,000 students during their tenure. 

They retire from their official roles July 1st. We are grateful for their diligent, hard work and ministry at the college. Yet, their involvement at the college won’t stop completely. Veronica will continue for the next year to work on the Centennial memory book and archives in preparation of the celebrations in July 2022. Douglas will be assisting in the memory book process, while reading more books, writing more sermons for involvement at St. Barnabas, and snuggling their local granddaughter. 

Similar to their involvement in the college, they’ve been active participants in their church and the Three Hills community. We asked friends and colleagues how they’d describe their friendships with the Lewises. Here are some comments and well-wishes: 

Bill Nyman: 

I have worked with Veronica for about 14 years and we have come through a lot of changes. Veronica has steered the library in the right direction during her tenure here. The library has been consistently at the top in student’s satisfaction surveys, and that is in no small way because of Veronica’s contributions. 

Cheryl McLim:

I started working as Douglas’ Assistant a little over 17 years ago. He has been the best boss anyone could ever ask for! He was not only a boss to me but I consider him my friend. I’m going to miss all the stories he tells that have something to do with 18th century literature, old movies, or American history. He was often reminded of a story or a little tidbit of information to illustrate some point he was making. I am so fortunate to have worked with such a godly and humble man and what he has taught me will serve me well. Thank you, Douglas, for everything!
I have also appreciated my friendship with Veronica which started over scrapbooking! What great conversations we have had. Veronica, you have been a blessing to me! I pray this new season that is ahead of you both is full of books, much rest, no stress, lots of scrapbooking, and sweet times with your grandkids!

Kristen Williams:

Veronica was a friend before she was my supervisor, and working with her has only enriched that friendship. I am thankful for her shared passion for library work, her attention to detail, and her consistent use of tasks and circumstances as teachable moments. I am grateful to have worked with and learned from her over the past four years.

James Enns:

  • My first memory of Douglas and Veronica is from back in the fall of 1987 when they came over to Anne’s and my home to check out a hide-a-bed we had for sale. As a recent graduate of the college Douglas was working in the college registrar’s office, but since Anne and I both taught in the high school our paths hardly crossed. When they arrived at our door I then recalled Douglas as a shadowy figure who inhabited the back pew at St. Barnabas Anglican Church the odd Sunday before scurrying off to the Tab to attend a ‘real’ church service. When they ended up buying our hide-a-bed little did I realize how much our lives would continue to intertwine over the following decades, giving rise to a deep and rewarding friendship. 
  • Once Douglas and Veronica saw the light and began attending St. Barnabas full time we found much that drew us together as couples and then as families. Both of us have three daughters whose ages overlap. Anne and Veronica took turns teaching our girls Sunday School classes; Douglas and I shared responsibilities as lay readers on Sunday mornings at St. B; Veronica took on child care for all three of our girls when Anne returned to teaching; and then when I joined the college faculty Douglas were fellow faculty members as champions of the liberal arts side of the curriculum. 
  • Over these many years I have come to appreciate Douglas and Veronica, not only in a common commitment to sacramental theology and ecclesiology, but in the shared vocational calling of Christian education and as survivors of parenting three daughters who as adults still love coming home to visit their folks. God bless you Douglas and Veronica as you begin this new chapter in your life.

Mark Maxwell:

I could write an epistle cataloging the many important ways Douglas and Veronica have been excellent professional colleagues for us at Prairie as well as great personal friends for Elaine and me. To be brief, their deep institutional memory, balanced with wisdom that is grounded in solid common sense, empowered by their “can-do” approach, have made them tremendous teammates. Their quick wit and ready laugh have made them a daily delight for all of us.
We will miss having them on our staff but look forward to having them around campus as part of our long term campus community. Thanks very much, Douglas and Veronica, for your deep dedication to the Lord and to the work he is doing here at Prairie.
You are much appreciated and loved.

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25 Responses

  1. Hoping you both have a wonderful time with your children and your children’s children. May your “crowns” shine (Prov 17:6).

  2. Douglas, you personify dependability to me. I appreciate how you would always let me know when you were leaving for lunch and would return with a tip of your hat. Even though I’ll miss your routine, I’m glad that the Lord watches over your coming both now and forevermore
    Veronica, I remember getting to know you when you would come to my scrapbooking events. You were someone who always showed such gratitude and appreciation. You have blessed me more than you know with genuine words of encouragement in these past years as we have worked together. I’m grateful that you’ll still be around this next year and that we have the privilege of living in a small town where I know our paths will still cross.

  3. Hello Douglas and Veronica,
    God bless you both as you enter this new phase of your adventure with the Father. It has been a blessing knowing you over these years, especially when I was a student and we lived in Three Hills. I trust you will still be around when on campus events ar up ad running again. All the best,

  4. One of the highlights of my time at Prairie was the Ethnography assignment for Biblical Theology of Missions. I chose liturgical worship as the culture I wanted to study and asked “Mr. Lewis” if I could interview him (I wasn’t old enough to call him Douglas at the time!). I enjoyed every opportunity I had to interview and shadow Douglas asking many questions about his involvement at St. Barnabas. He quickly became one of my very favourite people on campus. May the Lord bless and keep you Douglas & Veronica as you begin this new chapter in your lives. Thank you for investing yourself in me so many years ago.

  5. Douglas: You have been a model for faithfulness and integrity to me personally. Thank you for always modelling Jesus to me (us) in grace and truth. I will always remember your wit and humour and your navy sports jacket. Thank you for your patience as I learned the ropes and for mentoring me along the path.
    Veronica: You have been a consistent and faithful example to me. Thank you for always helping me personally with research and even…yes keeping flannelgraph for me. I will miss your Disneyland stories and innovative ideas and examples of how to serve our students better in each academic year.

  6. It is great to know both of you in the 90s when I first arrived Prairie. Thank you for your patience, no matter in the English literature class or handling my city-girl style request in registration.
    I was sorry that we missed the opportunity to meet each other two years ago when I visited Prairie. Now, I am settling in London for almost 5 months.
    May God blessed your fruitful and enjoyable retirement.

  7. I have so enjoyed working with both Mr. and Mrs. Lewis during my time on staff. Happy retirement Mr. and Mrs. Lewis!

  8. Congratulations to you both! Hopefully the future still holds lots of tea and toast for you at St. Bs. It was a joy to have you as colleagues during my time at Prairie. May the bookishness never end . . . .

  9. Hi Douglas and Veronica Lewis!

    Congratulations on your time at Prairie and on your retirement. I really appreciated the time you spent with me and your quirky humours. I will pray for you as you retire. If you ever come to Vancouver and want to have a coffee just send me an email.

  10. Congratulations Douglas and Veronica on your retirement. The Lord will richly reward your selfless commitment to all students. Veronica you were dedicated in your work at the college library, you ensured that the needs of students are met and I am a living witness to your commitment. Today, I have an opportunity as an alumna to express my appreciation for your kindness towards me. Thank you very much!

  11. Douglas & Veronica Lewis,
    ” The Lord bless you and keep you;
    the Lord make His Face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you;
    the Lord lift up His Countenance upon you, and give you peace !! ”
    ” Faithful is He that calleth you, Who also will do it !! ” :))

  12. Congratulations Veronica and Douglas. Mom appreciated your contribution to St. B. Sermons. Thanks for the Licensed Lay Minister activities. I enjoyed our chats through the years at St. B. While teaching in Grande Cache and subsequently in Newfoundland, it was always a pleasure to see you both when I came to church with mom. Thanks again for your walk with God! Enjoy this new phase of your life.
    Bill Reynolds

  13. I had the awesome privilege of knowing Mr. & Mrs. Lewis in a variety of ways while at Prairie. Words alone cannot express how much I valued the influence they had in my life! They were key to my growth as a Christian and always an example of how to be great partners and parents and members of a community. They are both so talented and Prairie was lucky to have them serve on staff for so long and influence so many students. Congratulations on your retirement, may God bless you in this next stage of your lives together!

  14. Douglas has served with loyalty and commitment for more than 34 years as the Registrar. This has required persistence and perseverance through the many changes of academic programs, personnel, leadership and methods. He has shown us Christ-like attitudes such as humility, generosity and graciousness. When I began serving as Dean I knew that Douglas was a critical colleague. However, in our years of working together, he has become a trusted advisor and friend. I will miss him very much.

    We are so very grateful for Veronica’s loyal service over the long term. The Library is academic central for the College and she has led with excellence. She has worked together with faculty to develop an excellent collection, controlled costs, managed premium space, developed new initiatives such as electronic resources, managed staff, guided policy development, and all the normal responsibilities that it takes to run the library. She also took on projects that are not the normal in library services such as textbook sales and Student Success. In addition, she has taken on additional responsibilities such as development of the faculty manual and leading the faculty scholarship task force. Year after year the library receives the highest accolades for its services from the students.

  15. I vividly remember meeting you Mr. Douglas as an international student going through registration… Thank you for all your help.

    Happy retirement to both of you ! May the Lord continue to bless you and all your projects !

  16. As fellow members of St. Barnabas Anglican church, my husband and I appreciated the dedication and seriousness of Douglas and Veronica. I met their granddaughter when I was walking in the park one day. A pleasant surprise.

  17. Congrats to you both on your well-deserved retirement!
    Veronica, it was so lovely working with you for 2 years in the library! You are patient, dedicated, and gentle with all who may grace your path. I learned a lot from you – about librarianship, but also about Christian service. You are gracious in every way! I wish you and Douglas lots of fun and happy memories with your family in this next chapter.

  18. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis,
    Congratulations!!! I know you will be greatly missed at work, but celebrate all the future holds (hopefully quite a few trips to Disney 😊) . So thankful for the privilege of seeing you not too long ago; and the joy of knowing you! So thankful for your friendship with our family (Mom and Dad) over the years! Lots of love!

  19. A great picture of you two…outstanding tributes…and many thanks for allowing me into your full and overflowing lives once a week for treasured fellowship with Douglas…as charter members of ‘the least effective evangelists society’ we did our best to encourage each other commiserate and challenge one another in growing in these and other godly pursuits..i.e being more effective!!
    Every blessing on the 1st and each day thereafter.
    Andy ( James).

  20. Douglas and Veronica hosted my impact group in my first year at Prairie and it was always a wonderful experience. I have never encountered people so pleasant, easy to talk to, and so funny. I remember at St. Barnabas Church, seeing Douglas and Veronica singing hymns together – always holding hands. They’re a couple that really shows what loving eachother well looks like, and I am so thankful for their hospitality!

  21. Thank you for your years of faithfulness at Prairie! You have both been a blessing to us. May the Lord richly bless you in this new season!

  22. Mr and Mrs Lewis, I love you both so dearly and when I look back at my time at Prairie and in Three Hills you both are precious jewels in my heart. Thank you both for pouring out your hearts and lives into so many. May this next step in your journey be filled with wonderful new adventures.

  23. Best wishes to you both from afar! That photo from 1988 is just how we still picture you.

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