Certificate in Bible
A foundational year of Bible study, designed to make the scriptures come alive through classroom instruction and spiritual reflection in community.

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Cody Bergan

“The Encounter program taught me the importance of digging down into the foundations of my faith to know what I believe and why I believe it”

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What Makes This Program Different

Faculty will walk with you as you come to know the Living Word of God in fresh ways. You will grow in confidence as you come to know what the Bible teaches and how to view the world by its light.

Through classes, campus experiences, and Impact Groups (small communities of discipleship), your faith will be strengthened for whatever is next. The Encounter program also provides an excellent launching pad to other programs at Prairie College or other universities.

Students who want to complete their study of the entire Bible can stay a second year to earn a Diploma in Bible or transfer to most of our two- and four-year degrees. If you decide to study elsewhere or enter the workforce, you will be able to do so with a strong biblical foundation.

Our Students Say

Career Opportunities

The Encounter program provides an excellent on-ramp to other programs at Prairie College. Students who want to complete their study of the entire Bible can stay a second year and earn a Diploma in Bible or transfer to most of our 4-year degrees. 

Program Details

Courses in the encounter program revolve around:

  • Reading biblical texts
  • Thinking theologically
  • Growing as a Christian

The Certificate in Bible program is also offered through Online Education

Encounter students are eligible to join our Bible faculty on a 2-week study tour of Israel (planned every 2 years).

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Bible & Theology (18 credits)

NT 112 Reading the Gospels & Acts
NT 221 Reading Paul’s Letters
OT 112 Reading the Torah
OT 221 Reading the Historical Books
ST 100 The Christian Life
TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology

Arts & Sciences (6 credits)

HF 111 Thinking & Writing
SS 170 Christianity in the 21st Century World

General Electives (6 credits)

Note: Students considering transferring into a bachelor’s degree program should choose courses required for that program. ST 103 Discernment and Discipleship also recommended.

For course descriptions, see our catalogue here.

  1. Develop a clear understanding of the basic storyline of Scripture and doctrinal distinctives of Christianity.
  2. Be able to articulate the relevance of the Bible for contemporary Christian life.
  3. Grow in maturity as a disciple of Jesus in community with other believers.
  4. Demonstrate basic thinking, research, and writing skills for college-level work.

Program Tuition and Fees

For our Tuition & Fee rates as well as Room and Board please see Fees & Financial Aid

Program Specific Costs:
Encounter students are charged a $60 program fee in the Fall semester.


Dr. Megan Roberts

Program Director

Dr. Robert’s passion is to help the Word of God come alive for Christians. In addition to teaching all the Old Testament courses at Prairie, Dr. Roberts has taught overseas in Cambodia, enjoys mountain climbing, is very involved in her church, and is an active member of several academic societies.