Diploma in Bible


Distance Education: Diploma in Bible

30 Credits of Bible & Theology

18 Credits of Arts & Sciences

12 Credits of electives

Estimated time to complete: 2-3 years

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Diploma in Bible: In Depth

Program Objectives

This program represents the core of who we are at Prairie. In it, you will travel through the entire Bible and be given the tools to process what you learn both intellectually and practically.
Throughout your studies, you will be grounded in the Scriptures and prepared by experienced faculty in how to engage the culture you live in for Christ.

Who is this for?

  • Lay leaders in the church.
  • Anyone who plans to or has attended a secular university but also desires an academically solid biblical education.
  • Those interested in pursuing further biblical or ministry education.
  • Anyone who wants to become better grounded in God’s Word.

Desired outcomes

  • Deepen your understanding of the meaning of Scripture and how to apply it.
  • Get practical ministry skills to be an effective Christian in today’s world.
  • Learn and be able to clearly articulate important biblical and theological themes.
  • Develop your unique gifts in local church and ministry opportunities.
  • Understand your responsibility within the global Body of Christ.

Expanded Opportunities

Your training in our Diploma in Bible Distance Education program will provide you with a vital biblical foundation to complement and enhance your future professional training. Depending on your choice of electives, the Diploma in Bible can be structured to count as two years toward one of Prairie’s four-year programs. Alternatively, a significant number of your credits could transfer to another school for the continuation of a Bachelor’s degree in a large number of fields. You will need to confirm transferability requirements with the school you seek to transfer into.

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Bible & Theology (30 credits)

NT 112 Reading the Gospels & Acts
NT 221 Reading Paul’s Letters
NT 351 Reading Hebrews to Revelation
OT 112 Reading the Torah
OT 221 Reading the Historical Books
OT 343 Reading the Psalms & Wisdom Literature
OT 453 Reading the Prophets
ST 100 The Christian Life
TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology
TH 210 The God of the Gospel

Arts & Sciences (18 credits)

HF 111 Thinking & Writing
SS 170 Christianity in the 21st Century World
SS 210 Introduction to Psychology
SS 261 Leadership Foundations
HF/SS electives (6 credits)

General Electives (12 credits)

Note: Arts & Sciences courses include Anthropology (AN), Humanity and Fine Arts (HF), History (HI), Philosophy (PH), Psychology (PS), Science (SC), Sociology (SO), and Social Sciences (SS).

Timeframe & Fees

Completion of a Diploma in Bible takes an average of 2 years for students who are not also working. For cost estimates per program, see the Fees section of our About Distance Education page.