Growing in Community

The whole college experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, contributes to the process of learning to love and follow Christ in all of life. We desire that students be formed in Christ and transformed for service.

Students are regarded as integral members of our transformational community and are both expected and required to participate in specific spiritual growth activities such as chapel, Impact groups, conferences, days of prayer, and service to prioritize a relationship with God and put faith into action.

Information & Resources for Impact Groups & Leaders

Prayer Ministry

We are a small group of people committed to praying together on a weekly basis, believing that the power of God can heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. We pray for individuals from both Prairie College and the Three Hills area.

Would you like someone to pray with you about a concern that you are facing? Email us at prayerteam@prairie.edu – we would love to make an appointment for you to pray with some of our team members.

**New** Talk Campus

Get instant support for your mental health any time of day and night through the TalkCampus app. Student life can be incredibly tough. At TalkCampus we’re here for the moments when you just need a friend. Talk anonymously to students around the world going through the exact same struggles you are any time of day or night.

This is a safe place where you can talk anonymously about anything and get support for your mental health and whatever is on your mind.

More Information

Student Development Staff

Student Development staff members are privileged to interact with students outside the classroom and have an active role in encouraging those in various student leadership positions. Specific attention is given to equipping whole-life disciples of Jesus and fostering a Christ-centered community through co-curricular experiences.

Dr. Glenn Loewen

Dean of Student Development
403.443.5511 ext 3239

Kelly Steffen

Director of Student Development - Families
403.443.5511 ext 3240

Gillian Blomsma

Director of Student Development - Women
403.443.5511 ext 3018

Michael Bookless

Director of Student Development - Men
403.443.5511 ext 3038