Commencement Info

Graduation Weekend - April 26-27, 2019

Join us April 26-27, 2019 for the Grad Banquet, Baccalaureate, and Commencement Ceremonies as we celebrate the class of 2019! Details will be finalized soon!

Watch the Graduation Ceremony live at on April 27th at 2:00pm (MST)

Phil lives in Duluth, Georgia with his wife, Eva. They have three daughters. He recently retired after 40 years leadership within the Chick-fil-A organization. Read more about Phil in the March E-News.

Thursday, April 25th
7:00pm – EP Showcase, North Auditorium

Friday, April 26th
1:30PM – Commencement Rehearsal, Rick Down Athletic Centre
6:00PM – Graduation Banquet (Doors Open At 5:30PM), Sanford Hanson Dining Hall
7:15PM – Baccalaureate Service, Sanford Hanson Dining Hall
This service will be an integral part of the banquet; yet you are welcome to join us for this part of the program!
9:00PM – Explore Farewell, The Loft

Saturday, April 27th
10:00AM – Practical Nurses Celebration, North Auditorium
10:00AM – Discover Farewell, The Loft
2:00PM – Commencement Ceremony, Rick Down Athletic Centre
3:45PM – Commencement Reception, Sanford Hanson Dining Hall

Graduand Accounts
Graduands who have amounts owing on their student accounts are requested to have them paid in full in preparation for graduation.
Please see Doug Johnson if you have any questions regarding your account.

Grad Invitation
Please share the above schedule with your family and friends! Any main event is open for people to take part in!

Graduation Banquet & Baccalaureate
Please buy your tickets by April 15th to reserve your seats. Grads can pick up their FREE ticket at the Info Desk with Val or Holly. Grad’s spouses are 50% off. $25 for additional family members. Prairie students are 50% off too. Family can buy online using the button below or through you on campus. If there are any dietary restrictions please contact Lillian Bookless.
We encourage you, your friends, family, and honored guests to join us for the duration of the banquet & baccalaureate, but if absolutely necessary, additional guests may join us for the Baccalaureate program starting at 7:15pm.

Buy Tickets

Pinning Rehearsal
Nursing graduands need to attend.
Time & Place: April 25th @ 7:00pm in the North Auditorium

Baccalaureate Rehearsal
Participants are asked to attend.
Details to be announced.

Commencement Practice
Attendance is mandatory if you plan to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies on Saturday.
To avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary disappointment, please organize your travel plans and personal events accordingly. The seating arrangement for Commencement will be given out at the practice. Please contact Lillian Bookless if it is impossible for you to attend ( or call 403.443.5511 x 3485). Practice is Friday, April 26 and begins at 1:30 pm in the RDAC.

Dress Code for Commencement
Ladies – dark dress, dress pants or skirt, high collar preferred (white looks best with the hood), dark nylons and dark dress shoes, (no running shoes, sandals or hiking boots).
Men – dark dress slacks, dark dress shoes (no running shoes, sandals or hiking boots), long sleeved white shirt, tie.
Nurses – may wear lighter colored clothing under the white gowns, and white dress shoes (no running shoes, sandals or hiking boots).
All Grads – Please carry a Bible

Grad Gowns
Pick up your cap & gown after the Commencement Practice on Friday in the Maxwell Centre – MX 101 Boardroom. Return your gown and hood by 5:45pm after Commencement to the MX 101 Boardroom. Please bring the hangers back but the plastic wrappings do not need to be returned. If the gown and hood are not returned, you will be charged $100. The cap and tassel are yours to keep.

Caps & Tassels
To keep from blocking your neighbour’s face, please wear the cap so that the mortarboard is level. Please try your cap on ahead of time. If it comes too far down on your forehead, make a tuck in the cap with a straight pin so it will fit properly. Removing Caps: Men are asked to remove caps for prayer, performing, and speaking (leave it at your seat). Ladies may leave caps on. Undergrad tassels will be on the right side before Graduation and moved to the left later in the ceremony when the President indicates.

Commencement Line-Up Instructions
Saturday, Apr. 27 @ 1:15pm, in the Atrium with your gown, hood, and cap on.
Call to attention at 1:45pm
Line up in your seating order.
We will pray, then move quickly to the RDAC.

Recessional & Reception
Immediately following the Commencement Ceremony, please move towards the Reception in the Dining Hall. You’ve graduated!

Guests may purchase á-la-carte meals at the Dining Room. Other options for the Saturday noon meal are restaurants in town.

Sanford Hanson Dining Room on April 27, 2019
7:30-10:00AM – Continental Breakfast
10:00AM-12:30PM – Brunch
Prices range from $2.50-$14.00 Payment may be made in cash, by debit or credit card.

Atrium Café in Maxwell Centre
Bakery items (muffins, cinnamon rolls, assorted cookies)
Beverages (Tazo teas, Seattle’s Best coffee, espresso, frozen drinks, etc)
Hours during Grad: 8AM-4PM on April 26th; 9AM-1PM on April 27th

Graduands: Please contact the Manager of Events & Facility Rentals for options for your parents on campus (403.443.5511 ext. 3485 or email