Board of Directors BIO

Mrs. Anne Reinhardt

Board Member | Alberta

I am married to Dr. Dan Reinhardt and we have four grown and married children who are spread across Canada. We are also privileged to be the grandparents of ten beautiful grandchildren. Early in our marriage I was challenged to consider home schooling our children in the early grades. That lifestyle worked so well for our family that we ended up schooling all four children at home right through Grade 12.

When the house became empty, I started Heartland Haven, a flourishing Bed and Breakfast, and also joined the Family and Community Support Services Board that serves our local county. When Dan returned to church and pastoral ministry here in Three Hills, I enjoyed serving a congregation alongside of him. He is currently the director of the CREST Leadership Program that promotes leadership development in mid-life adults.

I believe in the vision, ministry and people of Prairie College and am privileged to be able to live locally where I can observe Prairie “in action.” I appreciate that the school is keeping a biblical core while they also train and prepare students in real life skills. Prairie College is working hard to help their students connect with our times and culture in relevant ways. They are striving to provide practical training for students’ physical needs as well as nurturing an environment and provide teaching that is foundational for their spiritual needs.