Christian Life Week

Join us for Christian Life Week as we welcome Dr. Daniel Block. Our theme for the week is “Why is the First Testament Important for the Christian Faith?” 

September 17 | 10AM | North Auditorium
“A Dirge for the First Testament: The Tregedy of the Loss for the First Testament in Evangelical Faith”

September 18 | 10AM | North Auditorium
“Can these bones live? A Prescription for Recovering the First Testament for Evangelical Faith”

September 18 | 7PM | Parable Place
Consider Lecture: “Corporate Worship: An Invitation to a Weekly Audience with God”

September 19 | 10AM | North Auditorium
“So What? The Importance of the First Testament for Evangelical Faith” 

Speaker Biography
Dr. Daniel Block is professor emeritus of Wheaton College, having also taught at Providence, Bethel, and Southern during his 40-year teaching career. He is the author of fourteen books and more than six dozen articles in the area of biblical studies, including commentaries on Deuteronomy, Judges, Ruth, Ezekiel, and Obadiah and a book on biblical worship, For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship (Baker, 2016). He was also a senior consulting editor for the New Living Translation. Block is a highly sought-after speaker who travels the world to bring a passionate message of God’s great grace to audiences ranging from laypeople and undergraduates to graduate students and fellow academics. Block has supervised two dozen doctoral students who are now teaching in colleges and seminaries around the world, including our own Dr. Carmen Imes, professor of Old Testament at Prairie. He is marked by humility and enthusiasm. We’re honored to have him joining us at Prairie for our Christian Life Week!


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