Faithfulness of God – Art & Marji Krahn

Marji and I met here at Prairie and graduated in the class of 1969. We both have wonderful memories of our Bible College years–from Bible courses, to daily student work, […]

Boiled Down by Ed Landry

Ed and Janet Landry with son, Dan He Works Out Everything For the Good of Those Who Love Him      Back in 1999, as missionaries in the Philippines, my […]

Global Connections Conference 2021

GCC theme

Global Connections Conference 2021 is a Career Fair for Kingdom Builders.  On March 24th and 25th join us to listen to speakers, participate in workshops and interact with Missions, NGO […]

Jim the Redeemed – By Gord Allert

From Convict to Redeemed      Jim is a serious offender. He is on his second federal sentence and has been designated a dangerous offender by the government of Canada. […]

Keeping Camps Alive: Prairie Hosts Virtual Camp Days

     Every year, camps from all over Canada tour to colleges and universities sharing about their various ministries, passions, goals, and employment opportunities. We call this “Camp Days”. This […]