Celebrating Prairie’s 100th Anniversary

Celebrating Centennial at Prairie College

Prairie College has been in party mode all summer, having commemorated our 100th anniversary with a week of celebration in July. The College welcomed 800 alumni and friends home to […]

The Value of Extension Ministries

A fellow student my first year at PBI, Jim Janz, was instrumental in a couple of involvements that carried me through my life. I had sung in church quartets since […]

Women of Influence at Prairie – Part 2

This is part 2/3 of Women of Influence at Prairie, read part 1 here! Remembering women at Prairie must include a look at Miss Dorothy Ruth Miller. Miss Miller was […]

Bev Sesink: Humble Grace in Mill Woods

Bev Sesink provides a unique and grace-filled ministry in Edmonton, Alberta. He puts his faith in action by intentionally choosing personal service providers from other faith communities. He is part of an effective pastoral team at Calvary Community Church and the director of the Mill Woods Care Closet.

Ted Lantz: This is Real Life

Ted Lantz was the student union president of 2017/2018, a Pastoral Ministry grad of 2020, and now the pastor of the Two Hills Fellowship Chapel. He shares about his testimony and the difference Prairie made in his life.

Faithfulness of God – Art & Marji Krahn

Marji and I met here at Prairie and graduated in the class of 1969. We both have wonderful memories of our Bible College years–from Bible courses, to daily student work, […]