Prairie Bible Institute endeavors to provide a safe learning environment that supports fair treatment of all members of its community and is conducive to relationships based on biblical teaching, mutual respect, cooperation and understanding. Prairie does not condone behavior that undermines the dignity, self-esteem, or productivity of any student, staff member or faculty member.

All members of the Prairie community have a responsibility to ensure that the human rights of such members are not violated.Such violation shall include the psychological violence of harassment and the physical violence of assault.Any occurrence considered to be a violation of this policy involving community members may properly be considered under this policy, whether it occurs on or off campus or during or beyond school hours.

Governing Principles within the Prairie Community

  • Prairie has zero-tolerance for abuse, harassment or assault within its community.
  • Prairie remains committed to dealing with allegations in an open and transparent manner.
  • Prairie’s goal, to the best of its ability, is to assist complainants to find healing, including, where appropriate, to help call those responsible to account.


Potential victims are encouraged to report any abuse, harassment or assault immediately to the appropriate authority.

  • To the RCMP – If a victim feels a crime has been committed, they should contact the RCMP immediately.
  • To the school – either to any member of the Management Team or to the President. The President’s office phone number is 403.443.3030.

Harassment, Abuse & Assault Policy

Prairie is firmly against harassment and abuse of any kind. Our current policies may be found here.

If you have questions or comments about this webpage please contact us by email at or phone by calling 403.443.3030.

Download the full harrassment policy

Emergency Procedures

Campus Security  403.443.3033

Campus Safety (Switchboard)  403.443.5511

Fire or Police Department  911

Hospital  403.443.2444

Poison Control  1.800.332.1414

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  • Alert people in your area of the danger and of the need to evacuate, assisting those with disabilities.
  • Shut down any equipment which may add fuel to the fire. Immediately exit the building, closing doors between you and the fire.
  • Do NOT use elevators!
  • Go to your assigned gathering place, staying at least 300 feet from the building if possible.
  • When you get to your assigned gathering place please tell your fire marshal that you are there.

If Trapped in Smoke 

  • If you are able, drop to your knees and crawl toward an exit.
  • Hold your breath as much as possible.
  • Breath slowly through your nose using a towel or shirt as a filter.

If Trapped in a Room 

  • Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  • Place cloth material (wet if possible) around or under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room.
  • Be prepared to signal from a window to someone outside or at regular intervals.

When to Use an Extinguisher 

Only use an extinguisher to attempt to extinguish a small fire and only if you have been trained to use an extinguisher. An extinguisher can be used to suppress a fire that blocks your exist from the building.

Remember PASS, the four basic steps to operating a fire extinguisher:

P: Pull the pin

A: Aim the extinguisher hose at the base of the fire

S: Squeeze from side to side

S: Sweep from side to side

Building Evacuation 

  • When the fire alarm is activated, follow posted evacuation routes.
  • Do NOT use elevators!
  • Take personal belongings.
  • Assist people with disabilities.
  • Go to your assigned gathering place.

Emergency or Urgent Medical Situations 

  • For first aid or to notify Emergency Medical Services call 911.
  • Department first aid kits are provided for individuals to use.
  • Do not expose yourself to someone else blood or bodily fluids.
  • If, someone is unconscious and may have suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest:
  • Be sure that Campus Safety has been called.
  • Those trained in CPR and use of an AED can use an AED located nearby.

Call 403.443.3020 to report an electrical power failure, gas line break, heating emergency or water main break. Do not use candles for lighting. Emergency lighting for exit routes will activate in a power outage.

Unplug electrical equipment including computers. If, necessary activate the building fire alarm to evacuate the building. Do not use the elevator.

Notify Campus Safety of the location of any persons trapped in an elevator.

If you discover a Hazardous Material Spill

  • Remove yourself from the area and keep others away.
  • Try to stay upstream, uphill or upwind of the accident.
  • From a safe place call Campus Security at 403.443.3033. Give your name, phone number, location of the spill, amount of material spilled (if known), extent of injuries, and safest route to the spill.

Call 911 immediately

Call campus security 403.443.3033

Lock down involves staying inside a secure location and NOT evacuating. Do NOT sound the fire alarm. Immediately secure yourself and others in your area in a room by locking the doors or barricading the doors with available objects Lock and cover windows. Turn off lights and audio equipment. Stay away from windows.

Keep classrooms and other places of refuge secure until police arrive and give you directions. Stay out of open areas and be as quiet as possible.

  • If, you witness Criminal or Suspicious Behavior, call Campus Safety or 403.443.3033.
  • Provide as much information as possible as to what is happening, where, and who is involved.
  • Stay on the line with Campus safety to provide additional information until officers arrive, if your safety is not in jeopardy.
  • If a threat is imminent, vacate the area and notify others of the threat as you come in contact with them.
  • Do not physically confront a suspicious-looking person. Do NOT put yourself at risk.

Be Patient. Time is on your side. Follow instructions and be alert.

  • Avoid arguments and do not speak unless spoken to.
  • Maintain eye contact with the captor if possible and treat them in as friendly a manner as possible.
  • Be observant to answer the police on the phone should a line be patched through to your location.

Items that may make it Suspicious 

  • Restrictive markings such as “Personal” or “Special Delivery.”
  • No return address or one that cannot be verified as legitimate.
  • A city or province in the postmark that does not match the return address.
  • Unusual weight based on size.
  • Lopsided, odd shape, rigid or bulky package.
  • Strange odors, oily stains, crystallization, protruding wires, excessive tape or string.

If you receive a Suspicious Letter or Package

Do not open it. Isolate it by keeping others out of the area. Call Campus Safety or Campus Security.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

If you can hear thunder you are within striking distance for lighting.

Seek sturdy indoor shelter and stay away from windows.
Do not touch anything that conducts electricity.

Tornado Watches

Check on-line weather reports. Be prepared to evacuate to one of the following shelter areas:

The Residence Halls – go to the first floor hallway.
MWA and Founder’s Hall – go to first floor of the MWA Building and stay in the hallway.
Oasis/Dining Hall – go to the basement and stay in the hallway.
RDAC – Go to the change rooms.
Maxwell Centre – go to MX 113 (the Copy Centre).
Steam Plant – Go into the tunnel.
Davidson Apartments – go to the middle of the basement hallway.

Tornado Warnings 

Upon notification proceed to above noted shelter area and notify others you meet to do the same. Do not use elevators. Assist those with disabilities to the safest area on the floor (interior corridor, room, office).

After the threat is received:

  • Follow directions of Campus Safety and law enforcement officials.
  • If, you are in a building that has received a bomb threat, DO NOT use your cell phone.
  • Turn off all 2-way radios, cell phone, pagers or anything else that can transmit when you use one of these electronic devices that could actually set off the bomb.

Checklist to gather useful information from caller:

  • Record the date, exact time and phone number of where the call is coming from.
  • Call Campus Safety or Campus Security immediately and report the information.
  • Date and Time: ___________________
  • Time bomb will go off: _____________
  • Where bomb is located: ____________
  • Write out the entire message from the caller:

          – Date: ____________ Time: _____________
          – Caller’s Sex: M F  Age: __________
          – Caller’s Identity: ______________________
          – Describe the caller:
          – Voice – loud; fast; calm; high pitch; deep; distorted
          – Speech – stutter; fair; coherent; raspy; slurred; nasal
          – Language – good; deliberate; slow; poor; accent
          – Manner – righteous; pleasant; angry; irrationa