Campus Operations

Prairie College has made a number of adjustments to campus operations to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak:

Effective March 30, 2020, anyone from outside the regular campus community will be asked to sign-in at reception. 

Currently oversized parcel pick up is available from 8am – 12pm, Monday to Friday. 
Parcel pick up times may be subject to change. 
Call ahead (403-443-5511) if you need to speak to the copy centre or pick up a parcel.

Student, Staff & Faculty Mailboxes

You may access your mailbox as per usual. 

Community Mailboxes

If you are not a member of the campus community, you may access your mailbox as per usual but you must sign-in at reception. Parcel pick up times may be subject to change. Call ahead (403-443-5511) if you need to speak to the copy centre or pick up a parcel.

  • On-campus classes have been suspended for the remainder of the semester, and classrooms are closed.

  • Online classrooms will start on Wednesday March 18, 2020, per the normal class schedule:
    • Online classes will be delivered, per the usual schedule, via Google Hangouts. (i.e. if your class was 8:30am Monday morning, then your online class will be 8:30am MST Monday morning too.)
    • If you have questions or concerns about your online delivery, please communicate with your Instructor.
    • Technical questions can be directed to


As of Friday, March 28, 2020, at 5PM, student housing will close.

We are now asking that all students living in Residence return home or make alternate housing arrangements by Saturday March 28 at 5 pm, if you are able. Please see your Directors of Student Development for any concerns or questions that you may have. 

It is our intent to work with every student to ensure they have a safe and reliable housing situation to go to.


You are eligible for a prorated refund for room and board for the remaining six weeks of the semester.

Tuition refunds will be processed following our tuition refund policies.

Email with questions.



Strong hygiene practices, coupled with responsible distancing, have proven to be a critical component to slowing the spread of this virus.  

In light of this, for the immediate time frame,  we have made the decision to reduce seating in the dining room and Atrium to a maximum of 2 chairs per table. Signs have been posted on each table to remind our community to practice this mandate.  

Changes to Food Services effective March 21, 2020 (Saturday): 

  • reduced grill hours
  • reduced salad bar offerings
  • reduced offerings on the hot line (1 culinary option, reduced from 2)
  • reduced meal time hours 

New Meal Times

  • Breakfast served: 8 – 9 am
  • Lunch served: 12 – 1pm
  • Supper served: 5 – 6 pm

Dining Room will be closed other than the three meal time hours.

Prairie has been reticent to close our Dining Hall and Residence while most of the private post-secondaries in Alberta have already announced the closure of their residences.   

Utilizing the  best knowledge we have today about this pandemic, increasingly aggressive mass gathering restrictions, and following the practice of our partners and other post-secondary schools, today we are announcing that our food services will be closed completely effective Saturday, March 28, 2020.  

Effective March 31, the library is only open to students from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Unless we are specifically mandated to shut down completely, we plan to keep these hours until the end of the semester, April 24th.

Students can contact us at

When you leave campus, please return your  books. Make use of our online, off campus databases.

All on-campus chapels have been suspended indefinitely. 

Virtual chapels will resume remotely on March 24, 2020:

  • Monday: Impact groups will continue to be held in-person and/or via Google Hangouts based on the discretion and coordination of the Group Impact Leader. We encourage continued virtual connection with your IMPACT group, as we navigate this time together.
  • Tuesday: Community Chapel will be delivered by podcast.
  • Wednesday: If you are staying nearby, please participate in service on your own with supplies made available in public spaces.
  • Thursday & Friday: A virtual continuation of these chapels will be determined and communicated by DSDs and Emma Karin Emgard.

Effective March 16, all Rick Down Athletic Centre (RDAC) facilities are closed to campus and community members.

This includes the fitness centre and climbing wall. All programming including bootcamp, campus intramurals, Saturday night basketball, and Sunday night futsal are also cancelled.

This decision may be reconsidered based on the progression of the outbreak and on health authority guidelines.

Note that all ACAC has suspended all remaining competitions for 2019-2020.


In accordance with Provincial guidelines, we are continuing our plans to:

  • protect employees
  • limit spread in our workplace
  • ensure continuity of critical services if staff are ill or self-isolating
  • explore alternate working arrangements, such as:
    • working from home or remotely
    • doing work that doesn’t require contact with other people

As of Friday, staff are expected to report to work during regular business hours with the following guidelines and accommodations:

  • IF YOU ARE SICK: If you are ill (even if it is not suspected COVID-19) please stay home.
  • MEETINGS: All meetings include a call-in option for those who are not comfortable meeting in a group setting and Prairie will strictly observe the mass gathering limits set out by the Province (less than 15).
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Observe social distancing of 2 metres  between people in meetings. 
  • CLEANING: Cleaning supplies will be provided and it is highly recommended that private spaces be cleaned at least twice per day.

We will continually evaluate this response as the situation unfolds.






Grandparent’s Day

March 15-16


Winter 2020

Preview Day 

April 4


Virtual Open House on May 22.  Register. 

Dollars & Sense Estate Planning Event in Edmonton

April 5



Student Survey Chapel

April 8

Completed online

Completed online

Staff Recognition Ceremony

April 16


To be determined

Student Recognition Ceremony

April 17


To be determined

EP Release

April 23


Fall 2020

Graduation Banquet & Baccalaureate

April 24


Fall 2020

Graduation Ceremony 

April 25


Fall 2020

Genesis Process Seminar

April 27 – May 1

Completed online

Dollars & Sense Estate Planning Event in Calgary

May 3