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Purpose of Chapel/Campus Life Events

From the beginning of the school in 1922, our motto and heartbeat has been “To know Christ and make Him known.” Closely related to this motto is a more recently crafted statement that we have entitled “Our Sole Purpose”, which is “To be, and invite others to be, lovers of God…who make disciples, who influence culture, and who build His kingdom”. Chapel is an intentionally carved out sacred space within our busy lives for worship, developing relationship with God and prioritizing seeking His kingdom as a whole community.

Mission of Chapel/Campus Life Events
The mission of the chapel/campus life events is to glorify God through corporate worship. The mission of chapel contributes directly to the mission of Prairie in the following specific ways:

  • Worship – It is a sacred space to declare God’s worth as a whole community. It is a tangible reflection of the reality that Christ is the life-transforming centre of and reason for our learning community. It is our declaration and practice to seek God and His kingdom first. It is our surrendered acknowledging of our desire for and dependence on Him.
  • Community – It is dedication to authentic community of loving one another with sincerity, where our diversity is expressed in a wonderful unity through our common relationship with the Triune God.
  • Instruction – The Bible is the God-breathed Truth through which He nourishes our community. We are privileged to listen together, willingly obey it and willingly submit our lives, community and program to its authority.
  • Discipleship – Worship is a context of rich transformation into His likeness. As a faith community we engage God and one another within chapel to be discipled as followers of Jesus.
  • Spiritual Discipline – It is a soul exercise to grow in faith and develop love, fear, and desire for God. The practice provides room for God to work in our lives even on the days we don’t “feel” like participating.
  • Integrity – Chapel participation is one aspect of the commitment we have made in the Community Covenant by choosing to become part of the Prairie community. Actual participation is thus learning to walk in integrity of that commitment.
  • Leadership Development – All of these principles – worship, community, instruction, discipleship, spiritual discipline and integrity – are important components of shaping our lives as preparation to influence others in life and ministry.

Chapels include:

Monday: Greatest Needs Chapel

Focus: Joining God in mission to address the world’s greatest needs.

Tuesday: Community Chapel

Focus: Hearing the Word and worshipping God in community.

Friday: The Way Chapel

Focus: Cultivating Christ-centred community.

All students, including part-time students with more than six credit hours, are required to attend chapel/assemblies as follows:

  • Freshman  all 5 days
  • Sophomore – 4 days but must include Community Chapel, SERVICE, Impact Groups, Assemblies
  • Junior – 4 days but must include Community Chapel, SERVICE, Impact Groups, Assemblies
  • Senior – Community Chapel, SERVICE, Impact Groups, Assemblies

Each student is responsible to verify attendance by fobbing. You may not fob for another student. You may not fob and leave the chapel (e.g. go get your mail, go do homework). 

Any absence appeals may be made in writing to the “Absence Permission” form and submitted to your respective Director of Student Development. Any appeal must be done within one week of the posted absence of the appeal will not be considered. (Absence is registered any time after 10:10am; Late is registered between 10:00 am and 10:10 am and these are managed at the discretion of the respective DSD).

Excused absences are provided for legitimate situations such as funerals, work shifts, illness and/or medical appointments, Prairie athletics, ministry trips, aviation or tour group participation. For any exceptional circumstances it is the student’s responsibility to request special arrangements from your Director of Student Development.

Please refrain from those things that would distract yourself or others during chapel/assembly. 

First year aviation students are responsible for attending chapel on campus and have the same expectations as all other first year students. Other aviation students are responsible to attend Community Chapel on campus, but other aviation-related chapels are scheduled at the airport.

Accountability will be addressed every week in the following manner:

  • For every absence the student will listen to/watch the chapel recording he or she missed, and submit a one-page paper for each missed chapel participation.
  • If this submission does not take place in one week, there is a fine charged to the student’s account.