Business Administration

Bachelor of Divinity

A program built for spiritual transformation and real-life business results.

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Overseas Internship

Choose from Four Majors

What Makes This Program Different

We believe that business should participate in blessing, not taking, from  community. The BDBA faculty have experience driving business performance and spiritual transformation at the highest levels, from Chick-fil-A to Bay Street to international “Business as Mission” startups.

This program will equip you to navigate any business path you desire to pursue. With four exciting minors and a robust network for internships, mentoring and summer job placements.

Develop as a Christ follower to use business, both internationally and domestically, to better the world. Make an eternal impact.

Our Students Say

Career Opportunities

The world and workplace are changing at a rapid pace. Nothing is guaranteed, but so much is possible.  Your education is an important step in developing and credentialing yourself to be ready for what’s next. 

The knowledge, skills and network you develop in this program set you up to:

  • Start and lead your own business
  • Be employed in small businesses in a variety of disciplines and industries 
  • Start or work for missional businesses internationally
  • Work for wilderness and recreation non-profits like camps and other outdoor related organizations
  • Work in the sport and recreation sector, including non-profits like camps, colleges, and civic recreation organizations.
  • Find work in foreign or intercultural organizations and businesses
  • Gain employment in entry-level placements in traditional business fields and disciplines (banking, marketing, accounting, etc)
  • Work for NGO or non-profit organizations

Students wishing to further their education will be well prepared to go onto complete:

  • Graduate level education in business, divinity, intercultural studies, outdoor leadership, sports and recreation

Program Details

Program Highlights

  • A six month overseas internship to develop and prepare equip you for your career through experience in a real-life business environment
  • Classes that bring together the teachings of Scripture and business principles
  • Every student will be paired with a Christian business mentor and connected with a network of business professionals

The Business Administration Bachelor is also available through Online Education.

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Business Administration Major (36 credits)

BU 105 Organization Health and Performance
BU 111 Accounting
BU 220 Sales and Marketing
BU 235 Intro to Economics
BU 316 Corporate Finance
BU 350 Governance and Law
BU 360 Theology of Business
BU 430 Business Analytics (1 credit)
BU 443 Missional Entrepreneurship and Strategy
CM 482 Business Internship (12 credits)

Bible and Theology Major (30 credits)

NT 112 Reading the Gospels and Acts
NT 221 Reading Paul’s Letters
NT 351 Reading Hebrews to Revelation
OT 112 Reading the Torah
OT 221 Reading the Historical Books
OT 343 Reading the Psalms and Wisdom Literature
OT 453 Reading the Prophets
ST 100 The Christian Life
TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology
TH 210 The God of the Gospel

Arts and Sciences Core (36 credits)

AS 400 Integrative Seminar
HF 111 Thinking and Writing
HF 231 History of Western Civilization I
HF 232 History of Western Civilization II
SC 230 History and Philosophy of Science
SS 170 Christianity in the 21st Century
SS 210 Introduction to Psychology
SS 261 Leadership Foundations
Arts and Sciences electives (9 credits)
Arts and Sciences elective 300 level

And One of the Following Minors:

Intercultural Studies Minor (18 credits)

IS 140 World Religions
IS 259 Internship Preparation Seminar
IS 351 Cross-cultural Communication
SS 336 Field Ethnography
IS 300 International Business Immersion Trip
TH 332 Theology of Missions

Outdoor Leadership Minor (18 credits)

OL 104 Introduction to Experiential Education (1.5 credits)
OL 116 Wilderness Advanced First Aid (1.5 credits)
OL 134 Outdoor Leadership (1.5 credits)
OL 151 Outdoor Programming (1.5 credits)
OL 215 Wilderness Competencies
OL 224 Expedition and Outdoor Leadership
OL 231 Recreation and Business Management OR
OL 332 Philosophy of Group Facilitation
OL 248 Teaching Through Adventure

Digital Media Minor (18 credits)

DM 111 Visual Design and Storytelling (1 credit)
DM 120 Introduction to Adobe Audition (2 credits)
DM 134 Fundamentals of Filmmaking & Premiere
DM 144 Fundamentals of Photoshop (2 credits)
DM 145 Fundamentals of Photography
DM 177 Portfolio 1 (1 credits)
DM 126 Introduction to Design Tools

Sports Leadership Minor (18 credits)
SP 141 – Introduction to Sport Management and Leadership
SP 207 – Role + Risks of Sport in Society
SP 230 – Introduction to Sport Coaching and Human Performance
SP 200 Sport Organizations and Markets
SP 248 Entrepreneurship in Sport and Leisure
Sports Elective 200+

For course descriptions, see our catalogue here.

After you take this program, you’ll know the principles to:

• Effectively lead and manage both processes and people.
• Build high performance teams and organizations.
• Design, start-up and scale profitable businesses and non-profit enterprises.
• Solve real world business problems in a wide variety of disciplines.
• Know your own strengths, interests and abilities.
• Live up to Biblical principles and contribute to missional goals in secular settings.

Program Tuition and Fees

For our Tuition & Fee rates as well as Room and Board please see Fees & Financial Aid

Program Specific Costs:
Business Administration students are charged a $300 program fee in the Fall semester.


Dennis Landon

Program Coordinator

Dennis is a Graduate of Notre Dame University Business School (Master’s in Non-Profit Administration). He is also a Prairie alumnus who has both graduated from, and led, the Outdoor Leadership program at Prairie. He has Executive Director experience in the non-profit sector and extensive experience in developing college-aged leaders through experiential education.