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Christian Life Week September 20-22, 2023


Christian Life Week is a long held tradition at Prairie.  This year our theme is “Spiritual Rhythms that Give Life”. Our own Dr. Justin Allison’s is our speaker in Tuesday’s chapel.  Ken Shigematsu, Senior Pastor at Tenth Church, Vancouver, BC is speaking in chapel on Wednesday & Thursday.  All chapels are at 10 am.     

On Wednesday evening Rev. Dr. James Enns is hosting a Consider Lecture with Ken.  Everyone is welcome to join us in person or online for these events. 

  Consider Lecture poster Prairie College Ken Shigematsu

Trauma and Addiction Conference: A Presentation of Kneehill Addiction Recovery Network (KARN)

poster Trauma and addiction

Susan Brandt (Street Level Consulting) will be giving an introduction to trauma and addiction, how they intersect, and teaching how to care for those working through trauma and addiction as you walk alongside them in their journey.  She will be speaking in chapel on Friday morning September 30th.  The conference is on campus on Saturday October 1st.   Click on the image for more details and to register.  

2022 Centennial Celebrations: Joy in the Journey 

We enjoyed a great celebration in July 2022 and many of you were able to attend in person.   Thank you to all the amazing guests speakers and musicians for offering great talks, and wonderful music.   Thanks to all our sponsors for contributing to the event. And thanks to you –  for making our celebration a fun event!

The guest speaker sessions are being launched one a week through the end of October 2022 on Prairie’s YouTube channel.   We encourage you to subscribe  to our channel.   You will be notified of all video releases as they are published.  There is a recap video of the Centennial event that you also might enjoy.     

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