bachelor of arts in ministry:

Course Overview

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry - Humanities

Four-Year Program (120 Credits)
This program offers students a broad foundation of biblical and liberal arts studies including intercultural studies, history, language and philosophy.

Courses revolve around:

  • Acquiring understanding in History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences
  • Studying theology from a historical perspective and in varied cultural contexts
  • Practicing faithful Christian witness in Post-Christian times

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Humanities: In Depth

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry - Humanities offers students a broad foundation of biblical and liberal arts studies including intercultural studies, history, language and philosophy.

In offering a broader range of study, this program intentionally makes interdisciplinary connections between biblical studies and the humanities. An emphasis on cultural formation encourages students to contextualize their own culture in face of increasing globalization and intercultural dialogue. Students will also benefit from developing valued research, critical analytical and effective communication skills, preparing them for advanced university, seminary and graduate level education.

Although the program can be completed through Prairie’s on campus and/or distance education offerings, students are strongly encouraged to take a full semester of the program abroad by applying to one of the Best Semester programs offered through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Visit for the range of opportunities available to third and fourth year students.

Who is the program for?

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry is a 4-year degree program for students planning to advance to ministry, theology or interdisciplinary studies at the seminary or graduate school level. It is also for pre-professionals pursuing studies in law, education, journalism or service opportunities with NGO's and/or mission organizations. 

Program Outcomes

Students will be able to…

  1. Demonstrate a grasp of the foundational concepts in History, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology
  2. Analyze primary texts in History and Philosophy in their historical-cultural contexts.
  3. Practice the academic skills of library research in finding primary and secondary source documents.
  4. Show competence in identifying and summarizing scholarly arguments, and identifying presuppositional commitments in scholarly works.
  5. Develop written and oral communication skills in presenting their own scholarly research.
  6. Cultivate a theological understanding of the subject disciplines in the Humanities core.

Program Requirements

All courses are three credits unless indicated otherwise.

Bible & Theology (45 credits)

  • BT 309 Word and World: Theology and Praxis
  • NT 112 Reading the Gospels & Acts
  • NT 221 Reading Paul’s Letters
  • NT 251 Reading Hebrews to Revelation
  • OT 112 Reading the Torah
  • OT 221 Reading the Historical Books
  • OT 243 Reading the Psalms & Wisdom Literature
  • OT 353 Reading the Prophets
  • ST 100 The Christian Life
  • TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology
  • TH 210 The God of the Gospel
  • TH 211 Creation to New Creation
  • BT/NT/OT/ST/TH Electives (9 credits)

Arts & Sciences (39 credits)

  • AS 400 Integrative Seminar
  • HF 111 Thinking & Writing
  • HF 231 History of Western Civilization I
  • HF 232 History of Western Civilization II
  • SC 230 History and Philosophy of Science
  • SS 170 Christianity in the 21st Century World
  • SS 210 Introduction to Psychology
  • SS 261 Leadership Foundations
  • HF/SS Electives* (12 credits)
  • HF/SS Elective 300 level* (3 credits)

*Arts & Science electives must be from an approved list

Humanities (21 credits)

  • HF 403 Humanities Directed Study
  • HF 406 Humanities Research Paper
  • Five courses from this list:
    • HF 334 Christianity in the Ancient and Medieval World
    • HF 335 Christianity in the Modern World
    • HF 336 Experiencing History and Cultivating Historical Consciousness
    • HF 242 Survey of Western Philosophy
    • HF 343 Ethics
    • HF 430 Topics in History
    • TH 343 History of Christian Thought I
    • TH 344 History of Christian Thought II

General Electives (15 credits)

For course descriptions, see our catalogue here.

Dr. James Enns  Program Coordinator

In my years as an undergraduate student at university I felt torn between my Christian commitment to a 'useful' education that equipped me for some form of ministry and my desire to study History and other subjects which comprised the Humanities. After all, how useful were History and Philosophy for the ministry, let alone the market place? 

Thankfully God brought counselors into my life who perceptively pointed out that God had given me those desires and academic gifts for a purpose. He would open up a career or ministry pathway; in the mean time I needed to be faithful in cultivating the knowledge, skills and creativity which the Humanities offer. Studying the Humanities proved a tremendously rich and rewarding adventure, and has opened doors for me to a variety of vocations, including teaching and pastoral work, as well as graduate studies. I trust that the Humanities program at Prairie will do the same for students who sense that same calling.

I believe that taking this program has taught me to think critically about the world, the past, and our faith, which allows me to move forward with an appreciation and depth of understanding of where we have come from and where we are now. I love this program and I wouldn't want anyone to miss the opportunity to take this degree, because I truly believe it is the best one on campus!

Future Opportunities


  • Graduate and seminary level studies in ministry, theology or interdisciplinary 
  • It is also for pre-professionals pursuing studies in law, education or journalism  
  • Service opportunities with NGO's and/or mission organizations.
  • Church and Parachurch service
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General 2
I look back on my time at Prairie and think: "If only I went there now; the campus is so alive these days." Then I remember that my Prairie experience, like anything in our faith life, really is as good as you allow it to be. For me, it was a safe haven in uncertain times, a source of refinement and my best friend forever factory. It was the place where Jesus met me often through the professors, my coaches, and the people within the town of Three Hills itself. I love where Prairie has come, and where it is going. As a mother, I am confident that anyone who attends is being well equipped to impact my son's world with the love of Jesus! 
Tara Williams
Tara Williams