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Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Pastoral

Course Overview

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry - Pastoral

Four-Year Program (129 Credits)
The pastoral program provides foundational training to prepare you for vocational or bivocational pastoral ministry in roles such as pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, women’s ministries, children’s ministries, discipleship/care, chaplain, church planter, missionary pastor, etc.

The program is foundational preparation for entering directly into such a ministry or to prepare for further education (a Master of Divinity degree is frequently the minimum requirement for a pastoral position).

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BAM/PA: In Depth

The Pastoral Program is

  • For those who would like to develop pastoral leadership skills for vocational ministry.
  • Excellently suited for the person preparing for a second career
  • For persons already in pastoral ministry
  • For those who would like to explore the possibility of pastoral vocational ministry.
  • For those who would like to prepare for Master’s level education.

Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry program will equip you to do the following:

  • Value, study, understand and interpret Scripture for personal growth as well as ministry effectiveness.
  • Grow in spiritual vitality and Christian maturity within the pressure and demands of life and ministry.
  • Appreciate and understand the Body of Christ and prepare to assume your responsibility in the Church as expressed in the local congregation.
  • Prepare for a God honoring life of service to kingdom work regardless of your vocational calling.
  • Discover and develop your God given servant design (e.g. spiritual gifts, ministry passion) and ministry skills to maximize your effectiveness for Christian service.
  • Participate in God’s global mission of disseminating the Gospel.
  • Invest in a relational community of intentional discipleship and accountability to build the people of God.
  • Develop a God centered dependence, faith and humility necessary for Christian life and ministry.

Expanded Opportunities

Your BAM degree will open doors to skilled service as a church worker, church planter, church educational program leader, worship leader, pastor, youth worker, camp leader, or numerous other roles within a church or paraministry setting. Your degree lays thefoundation for graduate studies in ministry, theological studies, missiology or divinity. Please note that this is a mentor based Distance Education program with additional requirements to provide you with some of the advantages enjoyed by campus students.

Program Requirements

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Bible & Theology (57 credits)

  • BI 101 Introduction to the Old Testament (print)
  • BI 102 Introduction to the New Testament (print)


  • BT 100 The Way: Biblical Foundations (online) 
  • BI/BL/NT/OT elective (6 credits) (print and online)


  • BI 108 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (print)
  • CMFX 100 God's Mission Through the Church (print)
  • CMFX 200 The Worship of the Church (print)
  • CMFX 300 The Community & Function of the Church (print)
  • CMFX 400 Mobilizing the Church (print)
  • ST 100 The Christian Life (online)
  • TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology (online)
  • BI/NT/OT/TH electives (24 credits) (print and online)
  • BI/BL/NT/OT/TH electives (6 credits) (print and online)

NT 206 Introduction to Biblical Greek I & NT 307 Introduction to Biblical Greek II  (online) are strongly recommended for students preparing for seminary.

Arts & Sciences (36 credits)

  • AS 400 Integrative Seminar (print)
  • HF 111 Thinking & Writing (online)
  • AN/PS/SO elective (3 credits) (print and online)
  • AN/HF/HI/PH/PS/SC/SO/SS electives (24 credits) (print and online)
  • AN/HF/HI/PH/PS/SC/SO/SS elective 300 level (3 credits) (print and online)

Pastoral (30 credits)

  • FE 201 Pre-Internship Seminar (print)
  • FE 401 Senior Ministry Seminar (print)
  • FEFX 325/345 Pastoral Ministry Internship (18 credits)
  • PA 210 Homiletics I (print)
  • YO 224 Creative Teaching Methods (online)

Ministry & Personal Development (6 credits)

  • MPD 201-206 Ministry & Personal Development Seminar (print)
  • MPD 207-212 Ministry & Personal Development Annual Report (9 credits) (print)

*If for any reason a course required for your program is no longer offered, an acceptable substitute will be specified. In some circumstances, you may apply to have one course substituted for another on your program. Contact the Distance Education office for more information.