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Melody Deimert
Adjunct Professor


  • BA Bible, Cum Laude, Hillcrest Christian College
  • MA Biblical Studies, Summa Cum Laude, Western Evangelical Seminary


Melody Deimert was born in Leader, Saskatchewan, the fourth and last child in a pastoral family. Although her dad served three churches at that time, they still lived below the poverty line. Perhaps that is why she always wanted to own a horse and to be the first female Canadian astronaut on the moon—no longer below the poverty line, but above the earth. 

Melody earned her BA in Bible from Hillcrest Christian College in Medicine Hat, Alberta and her MA in Biblical Studies from Western Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. She taught for many years at Rocky Mountain College in Calgary and joined Prairie faculty in 2011.

Her goal is to teach students how to unpack and own Scripture for themselves—to get past the arguments that sometimes plague protestants and to grab hold of what God is sharing about Himself and His heart for His people. Scripture, Melody says, is meant to help us discover who God is and how He desires to be worshipped. She seeks to nurture a God-centered faith that asks Him, “How can I worship You? What is worship to You?” rather than to fuel a self-centered faith preoccupied with personal performance. “We can’t do anything for our salvation. God saves us. In response, we worship with our lives.”

Melody’s joy as a teacher comes from seeing people have that “a-ha moment” in which they stop viewing Scripture as simply a collection of stories about people. Rather, they begin to see that those stories, filled with rich, meaningful symbolism, reveal God.