Student Union

The Student Union exists to give a voice to students and to facilitate communication with the school. It also gives students an opportunity to build a community of believers through events, both spiritual and entertaining. The Student Union is committed to supporting Prairie's purpose to know Christ and make Him known.

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2016-2017 Student Union
President: Sawyer Staal
Vice President: Ted Lantz
Commissioner of Activities: Carissa Knudson
Commissioner of Operations: JJ Goodbrand
Commissioner of Academics: Matthew Davidson
Commissioner of Marketing & Publications: Elliot Chau
Commissioner of Spiritual Life: Zac Parkinson

2015-2016 Student Union
President: Josiah Goodbrand
Vice President: Sawyer Staal
Commissioner of Activities: Carly Reirson
Commissioner of Academics: Josiah Sumner
Commissioner of Spiritual Life: Jason Dusterhoft
Commissioner of Operations: Collin Evans
Commissioner of Marketing & Publications: Sheena Mejia

2014-2015 Student Union
President: Caswell Johnstone
Vice President: Josiah Goodbrand
Commissioner of Activities: Heeman Shin
Commissioner of Academics: Rebecca Stroh
Commissioner of Spiritual Life: Melissa McCauley
Commissioner of Operations: Zach Turko / Rhys Demman
Commissioner of Marketing & Publications: Mason Unrau