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Student Portal (Populi) Information

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Request Transcript Instructions

To request a transcript of courses you took through Prairie, fill out the Transcript Order Form and return it to the Registrar's Office by fax (403.443.3006) or by email attachment (

In order for us to process your request, your form must include your name and years of enrollment the name and address of the institution transcripts should be sent to and your signature.

The transcript fee is $10 per copy (payable with request); the faxing fee is an additional $10 for each fax (payable with request). Express Post or Courier will have additional fees. The usual processing time is three days.

To contact us with questions, email or phone 1.403.443.3044.

Official vs Unofficial Transcripts

If you are applying for transfer credit for your Prairie courses at another college or applying to a graduate school or seminary, please be aware of the receiving institution's requirements. Faxed transcripts are not considered official. Transcripts mailed to the student rather than directly to the institution will be stamped with "issued to student" and must not be opened before delivery to the receiving institution.

Enrolment & Course Scheduling

How to Schedule Your Classes (pdf)

Scheduling Reminders (pdf)

Trial Schedule Portrait (pdf)

Trial Schedule Landscape (pdf)

Sample Course Plans

The following PDF documents are sample course plans designed to help you schedule courses. Please note that the Degree Audit on your Student Portal is the authority for program requirements. If there is any discrepancy between the sample plan and the Degree Audit, follow the Degree Audit.

*Layout Key




Christian Formation

Digital Media


Intercultural Studies

Marketplace Ministry

Outdoor Leadership


Practical Nursing

Primary Care Paramedic

Religious Studies

Sports Ministry

Worship Arts


Course Timetables

Winter 2018 [pdf] (updated March 6, 2018)

PN Year 1 2017-18 [pdf] (updated November 8, 2017)
PN Year 2 2017-18 [pdf] (updated November 23, 2017)

Academic Calendars

2017-2018 Calendar (updated August 8, 2017)
2018-2019 Calendar (updated February 20, 2018)

Add/Drop Dates Fall 2017
Add/Drop Dates Winter 2018


Exam Schedules

Click here for general Information about final exams.

Fall Term 1 - October 19-20, 2017
Fall Term 1 Conflict Exams - October 21, 2017

Fall Term 2 - December 15-16, 2017
Fall Term 2 Conflict Exams - December 18, 2017

Winter Term 1 - February 26-27, 2018
Winter Term 1 Conflict Exams - February 27, 2018

Winter Term 2 - April 24-25, 2018
Winter Term 2 Conflict Exams - April 26, 2018

For specific exam times check your Calendar in Populi. Click here for instructions.

Dean's List

PBC Winter 2017

The Dean's List recognizes academic achievement by full-time students at Prairie Bible College. Students are included on the Dean's List each semester they complete at least 12 credit hours through the College with a minimum g.p.a. of 3.75, at least 9 credit hours on the A-F scale, no blank grades, and no I (Incomplete) grades resulting from Requests for Extension. The List is determined on the basis of the official College records for the 2016 Winter Semester.

In alphabetical order by last name:

  • Stefan Bergendahl
  • Hailey Boser
  • Kristina Brooks
  • Kirsten Buckwalter
  • Adam Buyer
  • Conner Cartwright
  • Carson Cole
  • Matthew Davidson
  • Hannah Freedman
  • Darrin Goudy
  • Vanessa Gratrix
  • Michael Hancock
  • Caris Ip
  • Hans Kircher
  • Juliane Kircher
  • Rachel Klassen
  • Sarah Mansell
  • Sierra Nelson
  • Danielle Plante
  • Jessi-Anne Robb
  • Simon Rowland
  • Demetrius Schwab
  • Blair Stromstedt
  • Josiah Sumner
  • Adrianna Van Gurp
  • Mackenzie Vidal
  • Gwynnda Wheatley
  • Stephanie Yeker

PCAAT 2014–2015

The yearly Dean's List recognizes academic achievement by full-time students at Prairie College of Applied Arts & Technology. The List is published after the end of Winter Semester and is based on official College records as of May 15. Students are included on the List if they have completed a total of 12 credit hours in Prairie Bible College and Prairie College of Applied Arts & Technology courses in Fall and Winter Semester and have attained a minimum g.p.a. of 3.75, with no blank grades and no ‘I’ grades resulting from Requests for Extension.

In alphabetical order by last name:

  • Antoine Gendron
  • Crystal Gillespie


Don't see what you need? Please get in touch with us! If you have any questions about transcripts, transfers or course registration, contact us:

Douglas Lewis, Registrar
Cheryl McLim, Assistant Registrar
Phone: 403-443-3044
Fax: 403.443.3006
In Person: 2nd floor Maxwell Centre, 9am - 12pm; 2pm - 5pm Mon-Fri (excluding holidays).