Fees & Financial Aid

At Prairie we do everything we can to make the cost of attendance affordable for the greatest number of students and we do our best to provide opportunities for scholarships and financial aid.

Student Fees

Fees vary by program. A recent schedule of fees can be downloaded here:

Tuition & Fees

For more information on fees, financial aid and handling your finances as a student, download our handbook here.

The Mission Aviation program has a unique fee schedule. Please visit the program page to view.

Financial Aid

Apply for Prairie College financial assistance, offered through a number of scholarships and disbursements.

Apply Now

For a list of our scholarships and busaries, view our Financial Aid Information Package.


If you have any questions about fees, scholarships or applying for aid, contact us:

Toll Free: 1.800.661.2425
Local Phone: 403.443.3042
Email: finaid@prairie.edu
In Person: 2nd floor Maxwell Centre, 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri (excluding holidays).

Doug Johnson
Director of Student Financial Services


Campus Leaders Bursary

To lower student debt and provide a valuable holistic education, we have created the Campus Leaders Bursary (CLB).

The CLB provides a bursary equal to free accommodation (equivalent to double-occupancy dorm room) for eligible third and fourth year students participating in specific campus positions.

In order to qualify, students will have to meet the following eligibility requirements:

Must live in dorm or Davidson apartments. (Married students may live off campus.)
Must be enrolled in at least 9 credits each semester. (Students in their final semester may qualify if they have fewer credits to complete for graduation.)
Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and not be on Academic Probation.
Apply for a position by contacting the supervisor listed beside the positions on this page.


Scholarships are awarded in amounts varying from $200 - $2,000

Students who are granted a scholarship from Prairie will have it applied to their student account following registration in January (second semester). Failure to enroll in September disqualifies the student from the entire award.

Student Loans

Applications for provincial and federal student aid must be received at the provincial/state loan and processing centres no later than June 15 in order to have approval before college begins.

Review application procedures in your location.


British Columbia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland & Labrador
Yukon Territories
Northwest Territories

United States

For questions about applying for student loans, please contact our Student Enrollment Services Office at 1-800-661-2425 or StudentEnrollmentServices@prairie.edu.

Campus Employment Opportunities

Supplement your resources with a part time job located conveniently on campus.

A variety of employment opportunities are available on campus to assist in covering the costs associated with your education. Part-time positions are available in the TS Rendall Library, Food Services, and Admissions Office as the need arises. Please apply in person when you arrive on campus.

International Students: If you plan to work while in Canada it is important that you get the appropriate permits from immigration. Please ask immigration officials to include the condition that you may be employed on and off our campus (to ensure there is no problem if you are able to secure such employment). For more information please contact finaid@prairie.edu.



Apply for Prairie College financial assistance, offered through a number of scholarships and disbursements.