Distance Education programs:
Certificate in Bible

Course Overview

Certificate in Bible

One-Year Program (30 Credits)
Ground your faith through a well-rounded introductory program of biblical studies, Christian theology, spiritual formation, and arts and science courses. Our Certificate in Bible program provides a solid foundation for anyone seeking to influence this diverse world for Christ. Should you decide to change to a longer program, this certificate will transfer directly into almost all of Prairie’s four-year degree programs.

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Program Objectives

Prairie’s Distance Education Certificate in Bible program will equip you to do the following:

  • Study Scripture and apply it to your life in practical ways.
  • Use basic ministry skills to be an effective Christian in today’s world.
  • Clearly articulate important biblical and theological themes.
  • Commit to meaningful participation in a local church.
  • Employ your unique gifts in ministry and service to others.
  • Understand your responsibility within the global Body of Christ.

Expanded Opportunities

If you are undecided on a career or ministry path, or plan to pursue further education in a secular environment, the training you receive through Prairie’s Certificate in Bible program will prepare you to make wise decisions based on a solid biblical perspective. Although complete in itself, our Certificate in Bible program has also been designed as a starting point for our two and four-year programs since CB credits can be applied to most of these longer programs.

Program Requirements

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Bible & Theology (18 credits)

  • BI 101 Introduction to the Old Testament (print)
  • BI 102 Introduction to the New Testament (print)


  • BT 100 The Way: Biblical Foundations (online) 
  • BI/BL/NT/OT elective (3 credits) (print and online)


  • BI 108 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (print)
  • CMFX 100 God's Mission for the Church (print)
  • ST 100 The Christian Life (online)
  • TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology (online)

Arts & Sciences (9 credits)

  • HF 111 Thinking & Writing (online)
  • Arts & Sciences electives (6 credits) (print and online)

Note: Arts & Sciences courses include Anthropology (AN), Humanity and Fine Arts (HF), History (HI), Philosophy (PH), Psychology (PS), Science (SC), Sociology (SO), and Social Sciences (SS).

General Electives (3 credits)

*If for any reason a course required for your program is no longer offered, an acceptable substitute will be specified. In some circumstances, you may apply to have one course substituted for another on your program. Contact the Distance Education office for more information.

Timeframe & Fees

Completion of a Certificate in Bible usually takes around a year for students who are not also working. For cost estimates per program, see the Fees section of our About Distance Education page.