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Associate of Arts in General Studies

Course Overview

Distance Education: AAGS

Two Year Program (63 Credits)
A valuable preparation for university studies, the Associate of Arts in General Studies (AAGS) will provide you with introductory level humanities and/or social sciences courses while helping you develop a foundational biblical perspective within these disciplines.

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Program Objectives

Prairie’s Associate of Arts in General Studies program will equip you to do the following:

  • Articulate the fundamental doctrines and themes of Scripture.
  • Detail your role in and responsibility to the global Church.
  • Develop a solid biblical foundation with a Christian understanding of several academic disciplines.
  • Evaluate of all of life’s issues and questions in light of biblical truth based on your development of a Christian worldview.
  • Study the Bible and apply it to life situations and other academic subjects.
  • Communicate your faith clearly to others.

Expanded Opportunities

Your training through our Associate of Arts in General Studies Distance Education program will provide you with a vital biblical foundation to complement and enhance your future professional training. Depending on your choice of electives, the Associate of Arts in General Studies can be structured to count as two years toward one of Prairie’s four year programs. Alternatively, a significant number of your credits could transfer to another school for continuation of a Bachelor’s degree in a large number of fields. You will need to confirm transferability requirements with the school you seek transfer into.

Program Requirements

All courses are three credits unless shown otherwise.

Bible & Theology (27 credits)

  • BI 101 Introduction to the Old Testament (print)
  • BI 102 Introduction to the New Testament (print)


  • BT 100 The Way: Biblical Foundations (online) 
  • BI/BL/NT/OT elective (3 credits) (print and online)


  • BI 108 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (print)
  • BI/BL/NT/OT/TH electives (6 credits) (print and online)
  • CMFX 100 God's Mission Through the Church (print)
  • CMFX 200 The Worship of the Church (print)
  • ST 100 The Christian Life (online)
  • TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology (online)

Arts & Sciences (18 credits)

  • HF 111 Thinking & Writing (online)
  • Arts & Sciences electives (15 credits) (print and online)

Note: Arts & Sciences courses include Anthropology (AN), Humanity & Fine Arts (HF), History (HI), Philosophy (PH), Psychology (PS), Science (SC), Sociology (SO), and Social Sciences (SS).

General Electives (18 credits)

*If for any reason a course required for your program is no longer offered, an acceptable substitute will be specified. In some circumstances, you may apply to have one course substituted for another on your program. Contact the Distance Education office for more information.

Timeframe & Fees

Completion of an AAGS takes an average of 2 years for students who are not also working. For cost estimates per program, see the Fees section of our About Distance Education page.